Tuesday, March 24, 2009

JUST one thing....just leads to the next "one thing"

This is one of my Mamaw's kitchen aprons. It so pretty - a red and white gingham with a"chicken-scratch" border. I like to starch and iron it until it nearly stands alone and use it like this -- it just says "spring" to me. This has absolutely nothing to do with today's post.....I just wanted you to see the pictures. When we have projects to do around the house, William and I agreed a long time ago that the best way to communicate all that needed to be done was with a written list. I've worked off of lists pretty much my whole adult life. It's just how I run. So, one day, after William and I had a miscommunication and "words" over a particular project that needed doing, he suggested I just make a complete list of everything that needed to be done -- his, mine and our jobs. So....I did.....and it worked out so well, here we are years later still using our lists...... SO---- in getting ready for Easter and sprucing up for Spring and Summer, I have a whopper of a list. I write down EVERYTHING that needs attention ------the big stuff -- like "till up the garden spots" and the small like "change out curtains in bedroom #2". Some of the items are strickly his, some are just mine and then there are the "it takes two" projects. When an item is finished, we mark it off the list with great flourish and satisfaction. I LOVE IT!!

As you all know, one small thing always leads to another and that leads to another and so one......before you know it......you are deep, deep, deep into something crazy ......like remodeling or taking out a wall or putting down new flooring. SOOOOO - we have to be very careful to stay with the list. Do Not Wander Off the LIST!!!!

Well, Too Late ------ I'm waaaaay off the list. With no intentions of coming back any time soon.

I've re-done all the shelves in my laundry room. (THAT was on the list) I put down some red gingham fabric as the shelf liners. Uh, NOT on the list. Well, that looked so cute!!!! and country !!! and what's more country than screen doors?????I ask you??? And I just happened to have a couple of extra screen doors in my "stash" in the barn. Oh, you probably know the rest of this story. --------------pictures to follow soon!!! Gonna be cute!

Gwynie Pie