Sunday, June 21, 2009

Happy Father's Day, Honey !!!

William and our first baby, Dana.
We were so young ! Too young and silly to know we ought to be scared.
What a blessing!
A few years later -- holding our 2nd baby, Colin.
Again, we are blessed!

And just 14 months after -- here's William meeting our 3rd baby, Devin.
Devin was born the day before Father's Day that year-- what a great gift, huh? -- and was of course, only
one day old on that first Father's Day with all
three kids. The next year ------...they gathered around to give him his gifts.

Parenting brings so many challenging and exciting and frustrating
and delightful moments and all the stories and all the pictures
can't be contained in a book
and certainly not on this blog.
We parents keep those precious moments of life
in our hearts
and take them out through the years
and remember.

Here are just three of my favorites of the kids and their Dad ---
William with Devin and some children of Anapara, Mexico.
Devin worked in an orphanage in Juarez for several months
and we went to visit.
Devin was certainly "in his element".
Colin and William
on a mission trip in Juarez.
A very, very emotional Daddy and a very, very emotional bride.
William walked Dana down the aisle to give her away to Blake,
then performed the ceremony.
Much emotion ---- tears and laughter !
That was a beautiful day in the life of a Dad !
I am so very thankful to the LORD who gave me this husband
so very thankful that He then gave us our three children.
Only the LORD could have brought us together,
kept us together,
and blessed us
in such amazing ways !
He gets all the glory and all the honor
and all the praise
for everything good in our lives !
Happy Father's Day, Honey !!
I love you so !!

What??? My baby is HOW old?????

Dana, Colin and Devin --- a couple years ago. And still one of my very favorite pictures of my three kids. They love each other. It makes a momma happy.................
Sweet picture of "Uncle Hoot" and his niece Lily Kate. Lily didn't feel good that day so Devin just sat and held her while she slept.
A friend of ours used to refer to Devin as a real "Opie-boy". Is this the cutest picture or what?!?!?
Brothers !!!
Darlin' boy!!!
I pray for God's very best blessings in your life!
I love you, Devin!
Happy, happy 28th birthday !!!