Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Easter Sunday morning
Colin, Ronnie and Jigsy-boy
Colin and Devin
The Boles -- Blake, Lily Kate and Dana
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Just a few pictures from Easter weekend.
Cupcakes made by Dana and
decorated by Pie and Lily Kate.
I had grand plans for this centerpiece with very specific placement
of the yellows and pinks.

Then -- Lily Kate wanted to help stick the flowers in the foam--so this is
her arrangement.

I figured I could always re-arrange them after she went to bed
so they would be just perfect for the table on Sunday.

After she went to bed, however, I looked at the centerpiece
and realized just how perfect it was already....
and I left them exactly the way she fixed them.

I love it!
It makes me happy!
And here's Jigsy-boy after
he was assaulted with cascarones. We went through several dozens
and confetti was dropping off everyone the rest of the day.

Very fun !!!
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