Friday, April 3, 2009

FUN PARTY last night !

Last night I was blessed to host a ladies group from Kerrville, on their way to Canyon for a Retreat this weekend. My cousin is the pastor's wife at their church there and I always love being with her and hers. I had so much fun -- we just ate and talked -- yep, that's it! What more do you need for a good party ???
Piles of old, old books that have been stripped of their covers, leaving all those wonderful colors and textures and bundled up with strips of torn muslin, serve as little candle stands. The little pink trays were a great buy at Ross - $2.99 for 6; and the tea lights - vanilla scented and in glass holders (so I can pop out the used up candles and replace with new tealights as needed) were 8 for $1.99 !!! In a rare moment of personal creativity (more about this later) -- I came up with the idea of actually using some of the probably thousands of buttons I have collected over the years. The candles are surrounded by buttons -- all in similar colors for more eye-appeal !
Here is the break down of the tablescape --
Plates (birthday present from my kids) - Priceless
Antique crystal glasses (my grandmother's) - also Priceless
Silver (also grandmother's) - again, Priceless
Black & white paisley coffee mugs - Dollar Tree - a dollar
Black & white kitchen towels (serving as napkins) - also Dollar Tree
Pink damask tablecloths - $4.00 at Big Lots
Tiny individual salt & pepper shakers - set of 12 - super cheap !!! also at Big Lots ----These, by the way ...... one of the best buys ever ! I bought them because they were so cute. I've used them hundreds of times. Keep your eye peeled for them and snap 'em up --- you will love them !!!Butcher block turned beverage center held water, tea and coffee with the add-ins on the silver tray. I used plain, cheap little "garage sale" tags, the kind with a string, on the little glass pitcher handles to designate "cream" and dulce de leche for the coffee.
FOOD -- Chicken salad on rolls, Greek pasta salad, fruit with poppyseed dressing or brown sugar dressing and I tried a new recipe for Lemon Cake !!! WOW !! I love really lemony lemon so I really loved this cake. It's a great cake for Easter ! Notice the black & white candle holders ??? They are $2 bowls from Ross, turned upside down and topped with a saucer.....thanks Elaine.....great idea !!!! I'll be using these a lot !!! AND I'll be looking at cereal bowls a whole lot differently from now on ...........
Here's an up close of that cake !!! Yum !!! I'll be glad to share the recipe with anyone who asks. Just comment at the end of this post or e-mail me, and it's yours.
By the door -- a bowl of beautiful iced Easter cookies. I found these on the Easter aisle at Walmart. And I thought they would make lovely party "favors" at the end of the night.
I had a fantastic time, seeing old friends, making new friends and visiting, laughing, eating -- just a grand time !!!!! Thanks friends, for stopping by.
Come again anytime !
Happy Friday,
Gwynie Pie