Saturday, April 21, 2012

Testing testing 1,2,3.....

I havent blogged in so very long and I see Blogger has changed up things since then.   So I am just "dipping my toe into the pool" to test the waters before I knock myself out with bunches and gobs of words.

So wanting to start blogging again....... Gwynie Pie

Saturday, June 4, 2011

Monday, April 25, 2011

Catching up

Dana has just fried up some Jalapeno Bacon
and her brothers are giving a "review".
It's bacon ! What could be bad about bacon, I ask you?
I've been "away" for awhile --
It's been 4 months !!!
So much has happened during that time.
Life has been super, super busy.
and...can I just be honest? .....a bit weird too
In those few months a lot has happened at our house ---
* we had a wonderful Christmas on New Year's weekend
* right after Christmas, William became unemployed and
is still applying and interviewing -- no job yet.
* Colin and Ronnie went on a mission trip to
*then they attended a week long class that taught them
how to drill low-cost water wells and their plan is to take
that knowledge to third world countries and teach villages
to drill wells
*Blake ran "The Cowtown" in Ft. Worth this year -- his
first race ever
POPS wrestled by son and Jigs.
I have a fun family!
The guys often "attack" each other.
Just for fun.
NOT Four Christmases style though --
Just craziness.
* Devin has spent hours at Dry Hollow fighting the prickly pear
and mesquite
* Dana is just about a month away from presenting us with
a grandson, William Barret Boles,
named William after both his grandfathers,
and William Barret after a hero of the Alamo,
William Barret Travis.
* my part-time-gone-full-time-job, just went
* my mother has been with us for about a week
and will be living with us for probably another
4 to 6 weeks.
She had an accident last Sunday involving
her house and her car.
Yep. It's pretty ugly.
She, however, was not hurt.
This past weekend, everyone came for Easter.
Sunday night, we girls were all ready for bed---
I looked around the living room and realized that
never, ever !!! had all of us -
my mother,
my daughter,
my daughter-in-law,
my grandaughter
spent the night in the same house.....not ever !
It was quite fun and very sweet.
A 4 generation sleep-over.
* Oh, and I started couponing !!!
What fun!
Where's has that been all my life??? I wanna know.
I'm definitely NOT "extreme".
But I am saving a substantial amount every month.
Truly makes me feel like I'm contributing in a bigger way to the
well-being of our household.

Grand dog Jigs -- having a well-deserved rest. He is the best dog EVER!
So much more has
happened to us over these past few months.
It's pretty overwhelming when we think on it all.
Sooooo - we don't !
But honestly, it just sounds like whining when I say them out loud.
AND -- I am so not whining.......
Along with so much stress and
upheaval in our lives,
has also come
just Pure Joy !!!
I know that many of my prayers,
the very desires of my hearts,
are being aswered.
I truly feel like we are up above all the mess,
just skimming along,
under the protection of the Father.
We have experienced incredible blessings over these months.
Manna on the ground.
Enough for today.
We only have to pick it up,
be grateful for it,
trust God for the next day's supply.

POPS and Lily Kate enjoying a cool winter's day

LK trying out her new soccer ball and shin guards.
All in all --
2011 is off to a great start!
Gwynie Pie
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Tuesday, December 21, 2010

...all is calm...

People keep asking me
"Well, do you have all your Christmas gifts bought?"
and I say,
"actually ------we don't buy presents in our family."

Shock then registers on their face,
and I know they are trying to figure out
if I am totally pulling their leg
maybe we got ourselves mixed up with some
crazy cult!
For goodness sakes!

"What do you mean? You don't buy presents?"

THEN --- I explain ---
Five years ago our family decided that we were NOT going to
exchange gifts that year.

With three children in various stages of marriage,
jobs and college
and we ourselves feeling the money crunch,
it seemed like a good thing.
At least it would be a temporary-just-this-year
kind of thing.

We would all just "take a little break"
and resume as normal the next year.

Of course, what happened was ----
And the next year decided --
just one more year.

Really. and truly.
Christmas that year was so low-key.
I didn't scramble around with a knot in the pit
of my stomach,
preparing for that one day.

None of us had to worry about trying to buy
something for someone (that they didn't need
nor want)

something that fits.
something that wows.
something that is just right wonderful.

None of that!

All we had to do -----was
decide what we were going to cook
what kinds of new traditions
we could start.

Then --- enjoy just being together.

We discovered what fun it was to do just that.
With no pressures of presents.
(Of course, we buy a couple of presents for Lily Kate
and all the future grands.
What kind of crazy, heartless barbarians did you think we were???

We've also started looking for other ways to spend
money we would be spending on gifts.

Did you know, for instance,
that through
Samaritan's Purse
World Vision
you can literally purchase a flock of chickens,
a herd of milk goats,
a pond of fish,
a milk cow
dig part or all of a water well
for a needy family somewhere in the world?

How cool is that?!?!

Now --I don't, for one moment, think everyone should follow our lead
on this new "tradition".

This, after all, is what we believe
was needed in our family
in order to bring us back to the true
Reason for the Season.

It was such a shock to realize that we could say
"no thank you"
to all the gift buying and hubbub.

Who knows?
Next year may be the year we go back to gifts.

But for right now,
at our house --

"all is calm"

and we are looking forward to a
wonderful time with the family.

Whatever this week brings your way,
I hope you totally enjoy every single moment of it
and I pray you are
blessed beyond measure.

Gwynie Pie

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Sunday, December 19, 2010

...all around the house.....

What a very busy time of the year!
It just seems like the days are whipping past...
way too fast.

I'm busy, just as many of you are with....
finishing with the decorating
(and since Christmas is in less than ONE week,
I need to either do it or forget it),
cleaning the house,
planning the menus.

I have only about 10 chapters of Ezekiel
and the book of Daniel
left to read and I will have
completed my goal of reading through the Bible this year.

Tomorrow through Friday
I think I'll skip over to the N.T.
and read the book of Luke prior to
I love the "Christmas Story"!

I have really enjoyed reading through the entire Bible in a year.
It has given some daily direction to my life....
both discipline, to just do it daily...
actual counsel
and guidance to my daily life.

I am way excited about some goals I am setting for 2011.
Can you believe it's the year Two Thousand and Eleven ???
That's just amazing to me!

I want to read through the Bible again in 2011,
just with a different version.

Also, at the urging of our kids, we bought
a book called....
"Operation World".

This book directs you in praying for the world--
country by country
so that over the course of one year
you end up praying for every single country
around the world!
Check it out on Amazon if you're interested.

So - praying for every country during 2011 is
another of my goals.

My husband and I would very much love to go to Guatemala
on a mission trip in September.

Honestly, that is going to require me to "get serious"!!!
about improving my physical condition.
I look in the mirror sometimes and wonder
"who is that woman?",
feeling so far from the energetic and much thinner and
in shape woman I used to be.

If you are lead to do so ----please pray for me,
as I embark on a more disciplined eating plan
and try to throw some physical exercise in there too.

It's not an easy thing to "find yourself", ya know?
or at least find who you know God intends you to become.

I find I'm waaaaay excited about the coming Christmas weekend.

I am looking forward --
to a shorter work week.

I am looking forward--
to Christmas Eve candlelight service on Friday night.

I am looking forward--
to spending some "quiet time" in front of the fireplace,
listening to some good Christmas music.

I am looking forward--
to watching
It's a Wonderful Life,
Christmas Story,
Home Alone,
White Christmas
Christmas Vacation

Most of all -----
I am looking forward--
to this week of anticipating
the celebration of the birth of The Savior.

I was reminded today at church ----

as we celebrate the birth of The Savior,
let's not forget that the reason He was born,
the reason He came to earth at all.....
was to!

The King of Kings
came to earth as a baby in order
to die on a cross 33 years later....
for me.
and you.
To pay a debt we could never pay.

Because He loves us so!

Amazing love!

May your week be filled with excited
"looking forwards".

Gwynie Pie
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Thursday, December 2, 2010


November 1 -- I decided to accept a challenge
extended by my blog friend, Jennifer
at Smelling Coffee
(click on her blog over <----- there).
Jennifer loves her family and the Lord
and she always has an encouraging word.
I know you will love her.
It was her November 1 post that so
captured my attention.

Embracing the challenge,
I started a brand new journal with the intent
of writing down at least one
thing for which I was thankful
each day.

Here's what happened:

while looking for things to be thankful about,
I started to really see the many, many
previously overlooked, yet wonderful things
in my life.

I actually started seeing the smallest little things
that previously I would have blown right past.
But I started stopping to really look at my world
around me.

A deliberate and purposeful search for things
I am grateful for has truly opened my eyes
and it also has changed my prayers.

I've gone from
"thank you for the food I eat"
to really looking at the food I eat----
the color,
the texture,
the enjoyment of

~~~ a crunchy taco supreme and a big ol' DP
at Taco Bell
~~~or just the beautiful color and uniqueness
of a single perfect Clementine for lunch one day.

I have loved keeping this journal and don't plan to give it up.

In reading back over the past month of entries

(I wrote down #148 this morning).

I remember.

#17 ~~~ a perfect cotton harvest

#131 ~~~the BEST Thanksgiving EVER !

#65~~~ a warm and cozy place to call home

#54~~~ a pink and blue fluffy sunrise,
made just for me --
to make me smile
because it reminds me, at this early hour of this cool-ish Fall morning
that I am going to be "Pie" to another
little grandbaby
sometime in early June.

Cool, huh?

Soooo - I've gone from
"Thank you Lord for the abundance of my life."
"Thank you Lord for this.....THIS blessing...
right here....right now."

In counting my many blessings I've been humming that
old hymn we used to sing all the time
but I haven't heard it in years

"Count your blessings, name them one by one;
Count your blessings, see what God has done;
Count your blessings, name them one by one;
Count your many blessings,
see what God has done."

Try it!
I bet you'll like it.

Gwynie Pie
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Saturday, November 13, 2010

Apple-pickin' Time in Texas

Saturday -- William and I
took a little roadtrip to
Mason, Tx

Mason is a sweet small town in the Texas Hill Country --
an old German settlement with
beautiful, rolling hills.
big oak trees.
limestone and granite.
best bbq places EV-ER!
lots of deer and wildlife.

It's just pretty pretty.

So imagine how excited we were to find out there was also a
apple orchard

We had never, ever picked our own apples.
Had no idea apple-pickin' could be done this close to home.
We found the orchard on the edge of town,
were given precise instructions on how to properly
pick an apple so as to not damage the bud for next year,
were each given a bucket and
turned loose to pick all the
Pink Ladys we wanted.
I think we picked about 12 pounds
at $1.50 a pound = tons of fun.

And........delicious apples.

This barn was built before the Civil War (1860) and has
been well-preserved through the years.
It has quite the history.
Also found out that in 1916
the Senior Prom was held in the barn --
it had the biggest "dance floor" in town.
And now
it houses the
Sonlight Apple Orchard

Very, very fun experience.
Looking forward to next August -October
when we will go pick apples again.

Gwynie Pie
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Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Five Days of Fall

So much to do....
So little time.

That's the story of my life this past week.
oh really, who am I kidding.....

And so, I'm
consolidating Days 3 - 5 of my
well-intentioned, but a little
side-tracked, "series".
Here goes~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~

I have only ONE rule about decorating
and here it is:

Always appeal to the five senses and
you can't go wrong.....
SIGHT(Day 1)
~~~ make it cute. if you love it, incorporate it,
it'll work.
SMELL(Day 2)
~~~ make it smell delicious.
~~~make everything "feel" cozy.

Winter always arrives. It does.

So in an effort to not be caught on that first crisp
morning, slinging things out of a closet to grab
a jacket only to find it still has some nasty spillage
left from last Spring and you intended to get back to
wash it, but got distracted because, after all was Spring!

uh yep, that's happened to me.

Now though, I try to anticipate these crazy things,
like season changes
be at least a bit prepared.

I had off a couple days from my job
last week and spent a lovely morning
getting jackets, coats, gloves and scarves
and all the bed coverings ready.
I pulled all the comfy quilts and fluffy blankets
out of the armoire
and ran them through a rinse,
then let them have a little outdoor time.

Ummmmmm--- they smelled great!
And layered on the beds they are so cozy and ready for the
cooler weather that is on its way.

Next ~~~
Getting prepared for holiday cooking isn't all fun.
Sometimes its lots of work,
but the results ~~~
having a clean and organized pantry,
and a fresh fridge and freezer~~~
I love that part!

After giving the pantry shelves a good scrubbing,
I replaced the shelf paper with some colorful gift wrap
I found the other day at Hobby Lobby.
It has just brightened up the pantry and
encourages me to keep it in order.

Throw away everything that is out of date and
beyond it's shelf life.

Then I re-stock ----
There are a few items that are just staples
in my Fall pantry/freezer.

Knowing this, I look for coupons and
great deals and sales on these items
so I can both stock my pantry AND save $$$

(which I buy in 5# bags and keep fresh in the freezer)
canned pumpkin, apples, cherries for pies
flour and fresh yeast
(cause someone is going to need to bake bread)
pie shells
(I buy the kind you just unroll. They come in
an 8-pack at Sam's)
fresh spices
half and half
(essential to hearty up soups and stews)

When I make soup I make double or triple and put
the extra in the freezer.

This past weekend Dana made some killer chicken and dumplings!!
I put 2 cartons in the freezer for a blustery day
when I don't have time to cook a warm meal.

We used 2 rotisserie chickens in the chicken and dumplings--
the bones go in a pot with water, celery, onions,
carrots and garlic and simmer for a couple hours.
Then strain and cool and freeze and
homemade, super cheap, chicken stock ---
the base of something yummy.

Anytime we have a party or people here,
we almost always have some soft(or loud)music playing
in the background.

And when I need a little extra "umpf" to
clean house, I usually listen
to some 1940's Big Band music
or maybe some 60's stuff
or even a little
get-up-and-move gospel
it never fails to inspire.

However -----nothing is better..... to me, anyway, than
q u i e t
I think maybe I love silence so much because I
am an only child and quiet was our norm.

We didn't have the noise of lots of voices
did my folks ever turn on a tv or radio
just for the "company".
We just enjoyed the peace and quiet.

I still today prefer the quiet.

I can think better that way.
and you know I love to think.

But ~~~~ also~~~~ better to hear.

Monday I dragged a rocking chair and a quilt,
along with my Bible and
my journal
out into our yard
in the middle of a bunch of purple flowers.
The monarch butterflys love stopping off on
their way to winter in Mexico
and I just sat in the middle of them
and rocked
and read
and was quiet.

It was a grand experience.
I can't wait til the next time I can "just be".
the quiet.

Happy Fall to you all !

Gwynie Pie

Monday, November 1, 2010


A perfectly wonderful Fall weekend!

~~~~~a little firewood gathering~~~~~
with good friends

~~~~~a little coloring time~~~~~
for Lily Kate
Wunky Toot

~~~~~a tea party for Jigsy~~~~~
He was soooo excited!

just a most wonderful

Hope your weekend was wonderful as well.

Gwynie Pie
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Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Problems posting my pictures AGAIN !!!!!!!
In case you can't see the pics in the following post,
here they are.

IF you CAN see them, here they are.... :)

Anyone else have this problem?
If so - and you don't mind, e-mail me the
solution. Thanks !!!

Gwynie Pie

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Monday, October 25, 2010

Bedroom #1 Redo

My big, huge, 24-hr.
weekend project --
converting Office/Craft Room
into a Bedroom
was a great success.
The cute twin bed was given to me
by my "friend of many years"
(NOT old friend!)
and it is just perfect in this room.
It was one of two twin bed in Susan's room
when she was a girl.
I spent many fun times at Susan's house.
Two things stand out:
1. While playing in their attic (something I knew
nothing about),
I stepped wrong, off the beams,
and stuck my leg clear through the ceiling.
I was just hanging there, laughing and
totally embarassed.
I mean, really???
what do you say to people when you just
made a sizable hole in their living room ceiling?
and 2.
I remember once we made mud pies
and got just a tad bit carried away.....
we covered every bit of skin that stuck out of
our clothes with a thick coat of mud.
Then --- hosed off out in the yard.
OH and 3.
Susan's mom made THE best cream puffs
you ever laid lips on !!!
Oh. my. gracious.
Anyway, thank you Susan --
I love it!
Meet "Dudley"
I got him at Christmas at Old Fort Concho
a couple of years ago.
It was love at first sight !
I had to have him!
I was so very glad he was almost within the budget.
He is sooooo sweet.
And he has been everywhere....
on the back porch surrounded by
old branding irons.
over the fireplace.
in the dining room holding Stetsons.
The stunning quilt was given to me by my
about 25 years ago.
It was THE best Christmas present
I ever got from her.
She made it years before that
and just kept it until I was old enough
to appreciate it.

These two silhouettes are of Mamaw and Papaw.
Stamped on the bottom of each card:
Rock City, Tenn
That's all I know about them.
Aren't they cute?
And it looks just like them.

this sign was
from the road
which was named after
my grandparents,
which is, I am sure
what motivated
to "borrow"
said sign.
It's black and white
and ever so cute,
Gwynie Pie

Friday, October 22, 2010


Bedroom #1
is undergoing an
identity crisis.

First I packed up and moved all
the office items out
office items
bill paying stuff
all moved to the other end of the
house to a cute little corner
of our bedroom.

Next ----
the craft stuff,
sewing paraphenalia,
of what I refer to as
all were taken away.

And all that left
just sad
without purpose.

BUT ------
"I have a plan."
words that make my
big, strong handsome man

And then.........
he always comes along with
the muscle
the toolbox
the expertise
the logic,
the sweet smile
turns my "plan"

What a sweet guy!

My "plan" is to have this room
completed by tomorrow afternoon.
It is now 3:10 p.m. cst
soooooo, I'm thinkin'
24 hours from now???

Okay, gotta jet.

I'll be back with pics.

Gwynie Pie
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Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Blogger makes me craaaaaaazy!

I spent 30 minutes doing pictures,
writing, re-writing,
fussing with everything
and THEN
it posts my words
without the pictures to go with it.....

I ask you,
what's a blog without

These are the pictures that go with the post
that follows.....

I don't have time to re-write the post to go with these pictures
I don't have the expertise to "fix" whatever is the problem.

I'm gonna have a great Fall day

you do too!

Gwynie Pie

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