Saturday, February 13, 2010

Happy Valentine's Day

I have wanted to make a candy Valentine's card
for William for a couple years
and time always just gets away from me
This year I did it!

I had to go to several stores -- Dollar Tree, a couple of conveniences stores, Walgreen's -- and finally came up with the candy I needed to "write" my story.

Here's what it says:

Baby - when we met 48 years ago we were just a couple of NERDS.
As time went by we became the THREE MUSKETEERS, minus 1.
Then we were blessed with 3 wonderful SUGAR BABIES!
and now we have a sweet (picture of grandaughter)and life is
GOOD AND PLENTY of room for more!
Sure -- it wasn't all SNICKERS and CHUCKLES.
We had some hard times and felt the CRUNCH.
But...the Lord always gave us EXTRA grace, EXTRA love, EXTRA forgiveness.
Why I wouldn't take 100,000 GRAND for what we have.
Not even ONE MILLION DOLLARS!! I SKOR-ed big when I got you!
And ya know what? We are still a couple of HOT TAMALES and
you are still my BIG HUNK.
I love you forever. g
I just attached the candy bars and gum to poster board with duct tape.

The hard part was spacing everything out so it would all fit on the page.

I had so much fun hunting down just the right candy and putting this all together.
AND William absolutely loved it.

Have a wonderful Valentine's Day y'all.
Love ya,

Gwynie Pie
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