Saturday, February 13, 2010

Happy Valentine's Day

I have wanted to make a candy Valentine's card
for William for a couple years
and time always just gets away from me
This year I did it!

I had to go to several stores -- Dollar Tree, a couple of conveniences stores, Walgreen's -- and finally came up with the candy I needed to "write" my story.

Here's what it says:

Baby - when we met 48 years ago we were just a couple of NERDS.
As time went by we became the THREE MUSKETEERS, minus 1.
Then we were blessed with 3 wonderful SUGAR BABIES!
and now we have a sweet (picture of grandaughter)and life is
GOOD AND PLENTY of room for more!
Sure -- it wasn't all SNICKERS and CHUCKLES.
We had some hard times and felt the CRUNCH.
But...the Lord always gave us EXTRA grace, EXTRA love, EXTRA forgiveness.
Why I wouldn't take 100,000 GRAND for what we have.
Not even ONE MILLION DOLLARS!! I SKOR-ed big when I got you!
And ya know what? We are still a couple of HOT TAMALES and
you are still my BIG HUNK.
I love you forever. g
I just attached the candy bars and gum to poster board with duct tape.

The hard part was spacing everything out so it would all fit on the page.

I had so much fun hunting down just the right candy and putting this all together.
AND William absolutely loved it.

Have a wonderful Valentine's Day y'all.
Love ya,

Gwynie Pie
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  1. That is so creative and sweet. How neat have a Happy Valentines Day Rebekah.

  2. Hey Pie! So glad to see you back on the Blog... I've been watching for you. Love the Valentine and I'm sure William does too. As for the previous blog - thanks so much for being so transparent. I can totally imagine how you must be feeling. I will pray about these specific things. Just know that you're my hero........ Very often I think - "man, I really wish I could talk to Gwyn about that." You are a precious friend and almost every time I read your blog or visit with you I learn something that blesses my life as a younger homemaker, wife, and mother. Thanks. :) Love you so much!

  3. SUGAR BUZZ ....just looking at the pictures ... hehe