Wednesday, September 2, 2009

100TH POST !!! Yeah !!!!

I just have a few minutes to write a little --I'm going with some girlfriends
at 1 today to see Julie and Julia. Such a fun movie. I saw it yesterday
and am going back today with the girlfriends who couldn't
make it there yesterday. It is definitely one of those "gotta see that over and over"
movies. So sweet. So refreshing.
This post is my 100th here on The Pink Tractor -- a milestone in blogland. A small bloggy step you might say. Soooo, I wanted to give you readers and commenters a little "sussy" (def. surprise, gift, a little something extra). I am having a drawing for the above Fall gifts.

The very small token of my appreciation includes a sweet Fall picture frame, an amber votive holder with a 6 pack of spiced pumpkin scented votives and a pretty Fall pick. You'll just have to trust me that it's all very pretty, since this picture turned out so dark. :)

Soooo - here's what I need from you in order to put your "name in the hat" for the drawing --------------------

COMMENT on this post. It is located at the bottom. Look for where it says "Comments", then just click on it, it will take you to a Comment page. Now, if you try this and it leaves you a little message in red saying something about your comment can not be processed at this time --- just ignore and hit Publish Comment again. It then may ask you to decipher a scrambled up word -------- Yes, I know it's a pain. Just jump through the "hoops" and I am going to try to make this blog more commenter friendly. I only know these weird little quirky things because I jump through hoops almost every time I try to leave comments on other blogs. Keep trying, it will go through eventually.

AND I will enter your name a second time IF you FOLLOW this blog. This is more simple than Commenting actually. Just hit the FOLLOW button there to the right side, over by the pictures. You can easily place your picture and info there so I know who is reading.
IF you already FOLLOW, mention that in the COMMENT and you're name will go in twice.

So for two chances to win -- COMMENT and FOLLOW. Easy peasy.

I am having so much fun writing this blog. I'd write even if no one read this stuff. However, you just don't know how much all your
comments -- whether on the blog or in person when we have visited -- have meant to me. I am so very blessed by calling you all Friends. Thanks for reading!

Oh --- I will put the names in a hat and draw the winner on Monday night. Soooo, that gives you 5 days to get your comment in.

Thank you so much.

Love to you all,

Gwynie Pie
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