Monday, October 25, 2010

Bedroom #1 Redo

My big, huge, 24-hr.
weekend project --
converting Office/Craft Room
into a Bedroom
was a great success.
The cute twin bed was given to me
by my "friend of many years"
(NOT old friend!)
and it is just perfect in this room.
It was one of two twin bed in Susan's room
when she was a girl.
I spent many fun times at Susan's house.
Two things stand out:
1. While playing in their attic (something I knew
nothing about),
I stepped wrong, off the beams,
and stuck my leg clear through the ceiling.
I was just hanging there, laughing and
totally embarassed.
I mean, really???
what do you say to people when you just
made a sizable hole in their living room ceiling?
and 2.
I remember once we made mud pies
and got just a tad bit carried away.....
we covered every bit of skin that stuck out of
our clothes with a thick coat of mud.
Then --- hosed off out in the yard.
OH and 3.
Susan's mom made THE best cream puffs
you ever laid lips on !!!
Oh. my. gracious.
Anyway, thank you Susan --
I love it!
Meet "Dudley"
I got him at Christmas at Old Fort Concho
a couple of years ago.
It was love at first sight !
I had to have him!
I was so very glad he was almost within the budget.
He is sooooo sweet.
And he has been everywhere....
on the back porch surrounded by
old branding irons.
over the fireplace.
in the dining room holding Stetsons.
The stunning quilt was given to me by my
about 25 years ago.
It was THE best Christmas present
I ever got from her.
She made it years before that
and just kept it until I was old enough
to appreciate it.

These two silhouettes are of Mamaw and Papaw.
Stamped on the bottom of each card:
Rock City, Tenn
That's all I know about them.
Aren't they cute?
And it looks just like them.

this sign was
from the road
which was named after
my grandparents,
which is, I am sure
what motivated
to "borrow"
said sign.
It's black and white
and ever so cute,
Gwynie Pie