Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Five Days of Fall

So much to do....
So little time.

That's the story of my life this past week.
oh really, who am I kidding.....

And so, I'm
consolidating Days 3 - 5 of my
well-intentioned, but a little
side-tracked, "series".
Here goes~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~

I have only ONE rule about decorating
and here it is:

Always appeal to the five senses and
you can't go wrong.....
SIGHT(Day 1)
~~~ make it cute. if you love it, incorporate it,
it'll work.
SMELL(Day 2)
~~~ make it smell delicious.
~~~make everything "feel" cozy.

Winter always arrives. It does.

So in an effort to not be caught on that first crisp
morning, slinging things out of a closet to grab
a jacket only to find it still has some nasty spillage
left from last Spring and you intended to get back to
wash it, but got distracted because, after all .....it was Spring!

uh yep, that's happened to me.

Now though, I try to anticipate these crazy things,
like season changes
be at least a bit prepared.

I had off a couple days from my job
last week and spent a lovely morning
getting jackets, coats, gloves and scarves
and all the bed coverings ready.
I pulled all the comfy quilts and fluffy blankets
out of the armoire
and ran them through a rinse,
then let them have a little outdoor time.

Ummmmmm--- they smelled great!
And layered on the beds they are so cozy and ready for the
cooler weather that is on its way.

Next ~~~
Getting prepared for holiday cooking isn't all fun.
Sometimes its lots of work,
but the results ~~~
having a clean and organized pantry,
and a fresh fridge and freezer~~~
I love that part!

After giving the pantry shelves a good scrubbing,
I replaced the shelf paper with some colorful gift wrap
I found the other day at Hobby Lobby.
It has just brightened up the pantry and
encourages me to keep it in order.

Throw away everything that is out of date and
beyond it's shelf life.

Then I re-stock ----
There are a few items that are just staples
in my Fall pantry/freezer.

Knowing this, I look for coupons and
great deals and sales on these items
so I can both stock my pantry AND save $$$

(which I buy in 5# bags and keep fresh in the freezer)
canned pumpkin, apples, cherries for pies
flour and fresh yeast
(cause someone is going to need to bake bread)
pie shells
(I buy the kind you just unroll. They come in
an 8-pack at Sam's)
fresh spices
half and half
(essential to hearty up soups and stews)

When I make soup I make double or triple and put
the extra in the freezer.

This past weekend Dana made some killer chicken and dumplings!!
I put 2 cartons in the freezer for a blustery day
when I don't have time to cook a warm meal.

We used 2 rotisserie chickens in the chicken and dumplings--
the bones go in a pot with water, celery, onions,
carrots and garlic and simmer for a couple hours.
Then strain and cool and freeze and
homemade, super cheap, chicken stock ---
the base of something yummy.

Anytime we have a party or people here,
we almost always have some soft(or loud)music playing
in the background.

And when I need a little extra "umpf" to
clean house, I usually listen
to some 1940's Big Band music
or maybe some 60's stuff
or even a little
get-up-and-move gospel
it never fails to inspire.

However -----nothing is better..... to me, anyway, than
q u i e t
I think maybe I love silence so much because I
am an only child and quiet was our norm.

We didn't have the noise of lots of voices
did my folks ever turn on a tv or radio
just for the "company".
We just enjoyed the peace and quiet.

I still today prefer the quiet.

I can think better that way.
and you know I love to think.

But ~~~~ also~~~~ better to hear.

Monday I dragged a rocking chair and a quilt,
along with my Bible and
my journal
out into our yard
in the middle of a bunch of purple flowers.
The monarch butterflys love stopping off on
their way to winter in Mexico
and I just sat in the middle of them
and rocked
and read
and was quiet.

It was a grand experience.
I can't wait til the next time I can "just be".
the quiet.

Happy Fall to you all !

Gwynie Pie