Tuesday, June 30, 2009

July 1st

Happy first day of July !
What kind of fun things happen at your house
to celebrate our country's Independence Day?
William and I usually go down to the Concho River
in downtown San Angelo with quilt, lawn chairs
and ice chest in tow.
The SA Symphony presents a wonderful
program of patriotic songs,
we spread out the quilt and lay out the food
we brought.
Lots of people (over 30,000) come to town
for this annual event
and we always see lots of folks
and get to catch up with friends.
Some years we do it the easy way and go by and pick up a pizza
or a bucket of chicken.
Haven't figured out the menu for this year --
something fun and different.
And COOL !
We sit on the riverbank and eat and visit
and listen to the music and
then the evening ends with a spectacular
fireworks display.
Oh -- and the flyover. There is almost always
a fantastic flyover. That's usually when I start to get emotional.
I am always moved to tears at some point
in the evening -- try as I might to remain in control.
It's just so moving --- I mean,
here we are -- living in the greatest country
in the world, in the greatest state in the country
(I do hope you love your state as much
as I love mine).
I'm blessed to be living in the kind of
community where life is slow and
friends are forever,
and where we still get choked up
over the presentation of the flag
and the playing of patriotic songs.
It's a powerful thing to reflect on our country,
the people who settled it and
founded this way of life and
then fought with all they had to
make this country great
and to keep this country free.
Happy July everyone!
May your celebrations be fun and safe --
Gwynie Pie

Monday, June 29, 2009

Summertime and the livin' is easy

Rather, the livin' will be easy.... as soon as I get my house back together
AND get the mountain of laundry done
AND get all the dishes washed
AND change sheets on beds
AND mow and weedeat
AND vacuum the carpets
AND plan meals for the week
AND buy groceries
AND okay so --
Maybe the livin' ain't so easy at this very moment
on this bright and shiny Monday morning.
But, it's gonna get that way fast,
company's comin' !!!!
Dana and Lily Kate will be here Tuesday,
Blake follows on Thursday after work.
Colin and Ronnie are arriving Thursday evening
Devin is hoping to join us either Thursday or Friday.
THAT = a full house, lots of fun,
and the livin' will be easy !
This weekend will be chock full of July 4th
fun with the annual Pops Concert at
the Riverstage downtown.
We've missed the last couple of years
but are excited to go this year with the whole family.
Then Saturday afternoon we are all working at
a wonderful, family fun time
that is sponsored by our church.
This will be held at Colt Stadium
and the fireworks that end the evening
are absolutely great !!!
There will be a world-renowned illusionist
earlier in the evening....
hmmm??? how'd they do that???
So fun !!! and so baffling!!!
We are soooo looking forward to the week.
I just have a few things to do first,
'scuse me, gotta run, talk later.....
What does your week look like?
How are you celebrating the 4th of July????
Super Productive Monday to you all,
Gwynie Pie

Friday, June 26, 2009

HOSA Sale Saturday !!!!!

Is this THE cutest thing ever ??????? Uhhhhh, that's just a frying pan bottom, Gwyn.
Yes, and this is the frying pan top. Cute, cute, cute !! Looks just like my frying pan, with the little discolored places around the top edges that comes from frying eggs with oil in the pan. Ooops !

And here is some perspective on this adorable little Revere Ware miniature pan. It's tiny ! Just big enough for one egg.
I don't know any history on this replica pan, but I had to have it !
Just one of the perks of organizing and working
the First Ever
Hospice of San Angelo
garage sale, I guess.
It will be this Saturday from 7 a.m. til 2 p.m.
at 61 N. Chadbourne.
We have tons --- I mean this literally, people ---
tons of great, fun, useful items.
Something for everybody !
Come by and
Come buy !!
See ya there????
Gwynie Pie

Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Updates & Random Thoughts

Tonight begins Week 3 of our summer Ladies Bible Study,
Discerning the Voice of God
Priscilla Shirer
I really love doing a bible study like this for many reasons:
1. I love God's Word and learning from it
2. I need to be held accountable to stay on course.
3. I need this "ammunition" in order to live life better
today than yesterday.
4. I truly love knowing that the LORD keeps on working with me,
keeps on pressing, pulling, pushing,
That's the BEST part !
That's also the HARDEST part !
Priscilla says it this way "When we become Christians, the Holy Spirit
begins to sanctify us and change our personalities to suit His design.
We assist in the process of conforming to His image through
obedience to His Word."
And that brings me to the next "update" --
As of this morning -
I have lost a total of 9 pounds !!!
Finally -- the scale moved.
It took over 2 1/2 weeks of denying myself all kinds of good
(tasting) foods to get the thing to budge.
And I learned some important things during these few days.
1. God loves me! Okay, I already knew that. But it's so affirming
to have that love shown in yet another way.
2. It really is all about God's sanctifying work in our lives.
The only time in the history of the world that God
didn't continue to "work" on a child of His,
was with His own child, Christ, who was
The rest of us ---- when we accept Christ as our Savior,
the sanctification process begins.
God loves us so, so much that He isn't going to overlook our
flaws and our rough spots and our sins.
He isn't going to leave us like He found us !
Praise you, LORD!
He's committed to us. He wants to see us
"conformed to the image of Christ",
Romans 8:29
Now, THAT is beyond cool !!!!!
3. I really CAN do all things through Christ who gives me strength !!
Philippians 4:13
4. Losing weight really is so much about obedience.
Making His desires for me, my desires for me.
AND desiring it enough to deny myself a momentary "taste-treat"
in order to reap the desired results at a later time.
Guatemala Trip Update
William got back from his week to Guatemala. The team of 16 people built
houses for four widows and their children.
They also helped at the feeding centers, played with the children
and delivered clothes, shoes, food and toys.
The work was very physical, but
the extreme altitude was a real physical challenge as well.
All those West Texas flat-landers were breathing some
very thin air !
William came home with a stomach bug and was flat down, laid out
in bed until Sunday morning.
This, of course, miffed me so! :)
I was looking forward to talking and visiting with him and
hearing all about the trip, but....
So, this week he has felt much better and I'm just now
hearing all about the trip.
Great stuff ! God is good!
The only pictures we've seen from the trip are on Facebook and I can't figure
how to get them off there and onto my computer.
BUT --- pictures will be posted soon.
Guatemala is a breath-takingly beautiful country!
You'll love seeing the pictures.
Well, that's it for the "updates" --
I'm off to help get ready for a big Hospice of San Angelo garage sale
event this Friday night and Saturday.
It's hot and dusty where we'll be working
and no potty and no a/c ! Yikes!!
Have a great Wednesday !!!
Gwynie Pie

Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Seasons - I love 'em ALL

As I was vacuuming the pool last night and William was doing some yard work ---- Yes, I see you smiling....I was too working hard ! I was !!! back to my story .... We were talking about how long summer seems when it stretches out in front of you and then by the 4th of July, it seems to just evaporate. And before you know it, it's Fall. I mourn over this every single year, because I am a summer girl ! I have always had a love affair with summer and all that it brings :

* warmer weather

* swimming in the pool every day

* floating rivers

* picnics

* weinee roasts

* Coppertone --I've been known to buy Coppertone in the dead of winter just for the smell---ahhhh

* fireworks

* Memorial Day and 4th of July celebrations

* vacations

* beaches and seashells

* eating meals on the back porch

* summer vegetable gardens

* and oh so much more !!!!

I LOVE summer !!!!

And THEN -- there's Fall !! I do love Fall ! Ummmmm.............

Fall smells so good.

Leaves falling.

All the world is getting to rest awhile.

Then ---- --- there is Winter.

and I am pretty fond of Winter.
Winter always gives way to Spring. And I do love Spring !

New leaves,

New life everywhere.

Yeah, I do like Spring!

'cause Spring always brings you back to

Summer !!!

Okay, okay ---- I like 'em ALL !!! And not only because I get to change the

decor with every season. Sometimes, I change it all up

for no reason at all !!

Just because !!

Bottom line is this --

I just love life

and every season

brings something fun and something new.

Life is pretty great !

I do hope you enjoy your Summer!

Gwynie Pie

Sunday, June 21, 2009

Happy Father's Day, Honey !!!

William and our first baby, Dana.
We were so young ! Too young and silly to know we ought to be scared.
What a blessing!
A few years later -- holding our 2nd baby, Colin.
Again, we are blessed!

And just 14 months after -- here's William meeting our 3rd baby, Devin.
Devin was born the day before Father's Day that year-- what a great gift, huh? -- and was of course, only
one day old on that first Father's Day with all
three kids. The next year ------...they gathered around to give him his gifts.

Parenting brings so many challenging and exciting and frustrating
and delightful moments and all the stories and all the pictures
can't be contained in a book
and certainly not on this blog.
We parents keep those precious moments of life
in our hearts
and take them out through the years
and remember.

Here are just three of my favorites of the kids and their Dad ---
William with Devin and some children of Anapara, Mexico.
Devin worked in an orphanage in Juarez for several months
and we went to visit.
Devin was certainly "in his element".
Colin and William
on a mission trip in Juarez.
A very, very emotional Daddy and a very, very emotional bride.
William walked Dana down the aisle to give her away to Blake,
then performed the ceremony.
Much emotion ---- tears and laughter !
That was a beautiful day in the life of a Dad !
I am so very thankful to the LORD who gave me this husband
so very thankful that He then gave us our three children.
Only the LORD could have brought us together,
kept us together,
and blessed us
in such amazing ways !
He gets all the glory and all the honor
and all the praise
for everything good in our lives !
Happy Father's Day, Honey !!
I love you so !!

What??? My baby is HOW old?????

Dana, Colin and Devin --- a couple years ago. And still one of my very favorite pictures of my three kids. They love each other. It makes a momma happy.................
Sweet picture of "Uncle Hoot" and his niece Lily Kate. Lily didn't feel good that day so Devin just sat and held her while she slept.
A friend of ours used to refer to Devin as a real "Opie-boy". Is this the cutest picture or what?!?!?
Brothers !!!
Darlin' boy!!!
I pray for God's very best blessings in your life!
I love you, Devin!
Happy, happy 28th birthday !!!

Thursday, June 18, 2009

Cousin Toyah got to my house around noon on Monday and just left for her home in Kerrville
a couple hours ago.
I really didn't even realize how much I needed this 3-day slumber party.
And that's pretty much what it was too.
We stayed up late, late, late -- went to bed at 3 a.m. one night.
We ate just what and when we wanted.
We made a pot of coffee every night at about 9
(decaf, of course)
and drank it with cream and sugar until the pot was empty.
One night -- I suddenly remembered the recipe for
cinnamon bites that I posted some time ago,
and since we had all the stuff --
we made them.
And then ate them - all !!!!
We spent the hottest afternoon this week at the ABA barns....
some of the best antiquey, junky, flea-markety stuff
in town....well worth the "melt-down" we endured wandering
around huge metal and un-air-conditioned barns.
We just moved from fan to fan.
Looked at everything and had a blast !
We went to Paula Sue's for dinner
one night with my mother (the above pic is my mother and Toyah)
and had a nice visit and meal with her.
Toyah went to Wednesday ladies bible study with me.
It was really good and she got to meet a few of my friends.
They all "know" Cousin Toyah already even if they've never met
her. I talk about her and our growing up
shenanigans a lot !!
This week with Toyah has been such a treat for me.
I think I really just needed a little break
from the usual. And, as a busy pastor's wife,
I know Toyah needed a little "no pressures" break as well.
There was no pressure to keep up with a schedule of any kind.
We just did what was relaxing and fun !
I think I'll take the rest of today to clean, change sheets and vacuum
and get the house ready for Colin and Ronnie
to visit this weekend
AND for William's return on Friday night.
Gwynie Pie

Monday, June 15, 2009

I just have time for a quick few words before my company arrives. But a few words are better than no words. Right? Since William is gone this week to Guatemala, I thought it was the perfect time to get my cousin, Toyah, to come hang out with me for a few days. That way we can stay up late, sleep late, come and go as we please. Toyah and I grew up together. We spent many a summer together, pretty much the entire time. So, this week just feels like "old times". Instead of riding our bicycles all over Mereta, though, we will most likely spend most of our time sitting on the back porch, drinking coffee or maybe rummaging through some junk shops. I'm sooooo looking forward to this!
Oh.....these seemingly random pictures that have seemingly nothing to do with this post? They are just that! Random pictures with absolutely nothing to do with this post! They are pictures of areas around the house that I just love. This one is my living room coffee table top. An bunch of baseballs, collected by my Daddy. I arranged them in a cut crystal Fostoria bowl. I love baseball. That probably comes from growing up watching my Daddy play. He LOVED baseball !!!
Sooo, it's a little tribute to him and to summer and to baseball..................
The other picture is on my counter top in the kitchen. I have had a drawerful of old "silver" ware for years. Emphasis on the old, not so much on the silver. I just decided this would be a fun look. I tied them in bunches with tiny jute twine. I've had the GRACE plaque for a long time. It says "GRACE each day, with Thanks". It always is displayed somewhere in the house. The initialed linen towel, that looks like an antique.....not! I found it a few weeks ago at Tuesday Morning. And it just "went" with all the rest of the mess !
Okay. That's all I got this morning! I'm preoccupied with "when will T. get here?" and "what will I fix us for lunch?" and "what are we gonna do first?" I'm looking forward to a fun week. Hope you are too!!!
Gwynie Pie

Saturday, June 13, 2009

On the Road to Guatemala

Cute picture !!!
I love that man !!!!
William in his Guatemala Missions shirt, work hat, passport around his neck and his sack lunch for later today on the way to San Antonio. Egg and bacon burritos from Corner Stop, in case you are interested.
We ate breakfast there this morning --- so good!
I kidded him about looking like he was going off to first day of school.
Especially, when he had on the backpack also.
AND ---- they're off !
San Antonio by bus, SA to Houston by plane,
then Houston to Guatemala City,
arriving at 9:00 tonight.
Tomorrow, will be a lengthy bus ride up into the mountains
of Chichicastenengo.
Please pray for the entire team and
for the four widows and their children
that will receive the houses they will build.
Gwynie Pie

Ready for Summer Fun

I've had good intentions since about April, but finally yesterday finished getting the screened back porch ready for summer fun. Here's the rocking area next to the back door --- perfect to sit in the mornings with my Bible and a cup of coffee. A great place to begin the day !
Across from the rockers is this sitting area. The heavier -than -lead, sure -to -give -you -a- hernia, table was made by my Mamaw. The frame is iron and the tabletops are tiles set in concrete !! Concrete !!! She designed the mosaic tile layout and it says "Rodeo Motel". They owned a motor court on Oakes Street in San Angelo by the same name. I love this table so much!
They always had it out in their yard under the pecans trees where they sat and watched the world go by.................The old door wedged in there between the screened wall and the futon is the front door off my grandparents old house. AND it was William's idea to put it there....I must give credit where it's due, you know. I think it looks really cute there.
At the other end of the long porch is the eating area. I just found some candles I had in a drawer that were all in the same color, sort of, and put them in some old containers I also had hanging around. The stack of saucers serve as coasters for sweaty summer drinks.
The old punched tin chandelier is one of those things that just never worked anywhere in my house, ever. I "inherited" it when my mother moved into a patio home and had to pare down her belongings. But I never really had THE place for the thing. It's been in every garage sale I've had over the last five years and then it would go back to the barn to wait for the next one.
Suddenly.......it had a place to belong. It is just perfect hanging over this old bent bamboo table. It gives off just a soft glow at night. Enough to eat and visit by....soft and cozy. I'm soooo glad I no one ever wanted it.
Well, that's the back porch tour. Come sit and visit with me. We could rock and drink sweet tea and solve the problems of the world.
It'd be fun !
Gwynie Pie

Thursday, June 11, 2009

3rd Post of the Day

Today was a busy day in "big town". I drove in to San Angelo this morning
and spent the day running errands for my mother -- getting groceries,
picking up a few things at Hobby Lobby,
and I took her to coumadin clinic.
Coumadin is a blood thinning prescription that she takes
and a bi-weekly blood test is required to make
sure her blood is not too thick, not too thin, but
just right.
I am glad to help my mother out with all these things.
It gives us a chance to spend a little time together and
visit some.
Usually, I drop her off at the front of the building and then find a spot to sit in the car
and watch for her to come out and go pick her up and we're on our way to something else.
Sitting there, watching people, as I love to do, is very hard on me.
I see people entering the building for cancer treatments, cardiologist appointments or
coumadin clinic. In any case, none of it spells "great health" and I usually leave
there a bit depressed.
Well, today was different.
And I've just gotta share it with you while it's fresh on my mind.
I found a spot to sit and wait, right in the front of the building....Primo people watching
Out comes this couple --- moving very slowly. He is walking with
a bit of a limp and his left hand is turned a bit -- possibly recovering from a stroke?
He is every bit of 90 and she is at least 85.
They are holding hands.
She is wearing a lovely hot pink sweater set with a very pretty, bright floral skirt, heels,
great jewelry and the hair....wow!
She has brilliant white hair that is teased
to within an inch of its life and shaped into the classic "helmet" shape. So cute!!
A beautiful lady, still very shapely and walking tall.
He is dressed in a charcoal gray suit with a light gray stripe, a light gray shirt
and a matching gray tie. He's wearing a black belt and shoes.
And THE worst toupee I've ever seen. Really.
But he was so cute !!!! Just so adorable !
This couple was holding hands, talking and laughing from the time they exited the building.
They obviously enjoyed each other's company.
She just had the sweetest, adoring countenance and he
had such a sweet, huge smile -- the kind that you could see all the dental work
he'd ever had done every time he smiled.
There was just that something about them that drew me.
They were so happy !!! I don't know why they were there today.
Don't know which one is the patient, which one is sick, but they were so
different from everyone else that I saw while sitting there.
They were just so obviously glad to be. Just glad to be, ya know?
They got to their car just helping each other along.
He opened the door for her and helped her in.
Then, he went around and got in. They drove off and I just sat there
smiling. What a treat the LORD let me have this afternoon.
I saw something very, very sweet, very moving, very special.
Very encouraging.
A very old couple still very much in love!
I 've had a good feeling the whole rest of the day.
Gwynie Pie

Second Post of the Day

Yep, some days just require more than one blog post. This is one of those days !
I just got back from eating dinner with William before
he went to the church to help with packing all the big stuff
they are taking to Guatemala.
AND it's worth telling y'all all about it ---
We ate a Hot Dog Combo at Sam's.
If you've never had this DE-lightful culinary
go at your earliest opportunity --
run, don't walk
it will sooooo be worth it !!
Now, I'm a fan of the hot dog.
BUT, not just any dog.
I try to eat only the dogs that have been
blessed by the Rabbi.
No, I'm not kidding.
You thought I was kidding??
Oy vey!!
That does mean I'm rather limited when it comes to
hotdog brands -- it's either Nathan's or Hebrew National
and I much prefer Nathan's, which is exactly the brand SAM'S
Now, when you get your Hot Dog Combo at SAM'S, you will get
a 32 oz. cup to be filled with a delightful beverage of your choice
and a juicy Nathan's dog in a fragrant and fluffy bun.
At the condiment bar, you may add mustard, mayo, ketchup,
relish, onions, and there are cute little packages
of sauerkraut --- Frank's sauerkraut to be exact.
I don't know this Frank, but the man makes a mean
sauerkraut --- even better than my German grandmother.
You MUST try the kraut.
You will not be sorry.
AND are you ready for this ---
the total of this sumptuous feast for two
$3. 48 !!
Total !!
Yum !!
Give it a try sometime,
Gwynie Pie

Happy Birthday Grammy !!!

Today is my mother-in-law's
She is 84!
Some of the family took her out to
Cheddar's last night for
her birthday dinner.
It's always fun to get together
just get to hang out
visit with the family !
Happy Birthday, Elizabeth !
We love you !!!

Tuesday, June 9, 2009

It's Already Tuesday !

My husband is leaving this Saturday for a week long mission trip to Guatemala.
I am so excited for this to be happening.
It is truly an answer to our prayers.
William had the privilege of going on his first mission trip
to Guatemala in January 2008, with the entire staff and all the lay elders
from our church.
This was truly a life-changing experience for William
and he has been looking for the chance to return ever since.
We began praying for this opportunity for him to return
almost as soon as he got back and we believed
that the LORD would make a way for it to happen.
When the trip was offered and sign-up began, we knew William needed
to put his name on that list, believing that the LORD
was going to provide the money ($1600), even though we
weren't seeing "the how" with our physical eyes.
We just believed the LORD had said "Go" and
He would make a way.
Through a series of wonderful and sometimes surprising avenues
ALL the money has been provided and our faith
has been rewarded.
Don't ya love it when that happens?!?
Don't ya love it when the LORD confirms
that the path you are moving down is The path
He has laid out for you
"for such a time as this"?
One of the most amazing ways the LORD has provided all this money,
almost half of it,
has been through William's second "job".
He is an ordained and licensed minister.
His 1st job is working at Hospice of San Angelo.
One of the "hats" he wears is that of part-time chaplain.
So he gets asked to preside at funerals
and also to officiate at weddings.
Well, he was asked to preside at two funerals a couple of months ago,
both in the same week.
(And just a couple of weeks from one of the
financial deadlines for the money for the trip to be turned in.)
Now, understand.....this is remarkable on so many levels....
first of all, sometimes he gets paid for these services, sometimes
not....in any case, it is a ministry on his part and he is always glad to help people out,
money never being the object.
Also, for weddings, a minister can be more specific and just tell
the couple "my fee is $___".
But, for funerals -- he has never had a fee nor expected any payment, but is sometimes
pleasantly surprised by $50 or $100
from the family.
So, imagine the surprise when in the course of this week of two funerals,
he is handed $750.00 !
THAT was from the LORD !
The LORD put it on these families hearts to give William such a generous
amount and he turned around and turned in the amount
that was needed for the next financial installment
for the trip -- $750.00 !
Now THAT'S God !!
And William had the privilege of then further ministering to this sweet widow by
telling her how he was using the money she had given.
That her gift to him was going to be used so that
he could go to Guatemala and help build
houses for four widows there.
Sweet !!
God is good !!
And I am so excited that William gets to go wield a chain saw and a hammer
and help build these houses.
He gets to return to see the apple trees that he pruned last trip, now
producing their fruit.
He gets to hand out plates of food to the people that come for
what is the only meal they'll have that day.
He'll no doubt play a little basketball or soccer with some kids.
And, if I know him, and I do....he'll be holding some babies
at some point in the week.
Please pray for William and the entire mission
team from Paulann Baptist Church,
as they are leaving on Sat. morning and returning
the following Friday.
God is going to do some great things...
both in the hearts of the people there
in the hearts and lives of the ones He is sending to them.
With great excitement and anticipation --
Gwynie Pie

Monday, June 8, 2009

A Weight-y Matter

Okay, I know you are going to "feel my pain".
Not, perhaps, because you have experienced the exact
same pain.
But, I know you have experienced
something very similar.
You do live on planet earth, after all......
First, a little background ---
Since I was about 12 years old, I have been on one weight-loss plan
after another.
In the early days, it was NOT my choice to be on a diet.
But, I was encouraged to lose weight in order to become more
likable, more appealing, to become, in a word...attractive.
Guess what that planted in my little pre-teenage brain about what it
takes to be "successful" in the world???? I know!! But....
that's a whole 'nother post(or twenty). I can't go there today :)
I've been "dieting" in one way or another ever since then - 40 + years now.
Man, am I tired!!!!!!
And I have discovered that all diets work. They do. You can lose
weight on any diet where you deprive yourself of food.
Not all of them are healthy. Not all of them are maintainable.
Not all of them have a result of keeping weight off for the
rest of your life.
But they work. I am at a place in my life, being older and wiser now,
where I want to lose weight for reasons other than lookin' good.
That ship has sailed, know what I mean?
I just want to live long, live strong, live loud, live right up until I die!!!
Sooooo, after several months now of having a very desperate need for,
yet really rotten attitude about attempting any more
"diets", with the accompanying tears, hunger, sadness and anger that a
diet always brings me,
I decided "Okay, I'm gonna give it another try."
Really, I'm very tired of being overweight, very tired of
being tired.
And besides, this was one of those "God-given"dreams I blogged about
earlier this year. I still truly do believe it is God's desire for
me to be healthier -- and that translates into
I got my hair cut 10 days ago. I know this because I've been on this new eating plan for 9 days now.
My hairstylist is a living testimony for "low-fat" eating.
She has lost over 200 pounds!!!!
And is today, healthier and happier because of it.
I asked her advice. She laid out for me exactly how she did it.
It made sense to me.
Everything in me said "yes, this is what I need to do".
I prayed about it, had confirmation from the LORD.
Felt so encouraged. In a way I haven't felt in so long.
I was hopeful. I was going to eat well, eat low-fat, lose weight,
feel great, live long, live strong.....
I didn't realize really how very radical the change from my
usual diet to the low-fat diet would be.
But, I stayed on it --- to the letter !!!!!!
I've been hungry many times....painfully so.
But I've been hungry so many times in my life and
I know it's not always "stomach" hunger.
Most times, it is "soul" hunger.
Eating disorders are about soooo much more than
the food. It is such a big, emotional deal.
Many people sit back and wonder why, if a person is
overweight, they don't just stop eating?
OR just start eating right?
"Step away from the candy and ice cream!!"
THAT person has never had a struggle with
food as their addiction. Their comfort.
Their, dare I say it?.....God.
For some who are trying to lose weight, it may be just that...
they are just trying to lose a few pounds, get healthier.
For them, they will cut out all bread products
make some adjustment in the time of day they are eating
voila, they will lose the extra pounds.
And ..... I'm glad for them.
I truly am.
But for me it's about so
much more than the food.
For me, and I know this, I know this, I know this !!!
It is a spiritual issue.
It's about God wanting to be GOD in my life!
It's about desiring the Giver more than the Gift!
It's about the LORD growing the fruits of the Spirit
in my life.
It's about me letting Him do His work in my life.
It's about me cooperating with Him as He
refines me.
NOT so that I will be pretty and pleasing
to man.
But so that I will be who He has created me to be.
ALL that He has created me to be.
I need to tell you here that after 9 days of this eating plan,
I have gained 2 pounds.
Talk about discouraged.....yesterday, I was so low.
I'm thinking "come on, what do I have to do here?"
"give me a break!!!!!"
By this morning however, I was righted....I'm back on track.
And I know this.....
the LORD is showing me something
so good,
so priceless,
so BIG....
this experience
is the only way I'm going to "get it".
So, today, I submit again to the LORD'S leading
to His showing me what's good and right and healthy
to eat,
to Him showing me to turn to the right or to the left.
And I so desire
to follow where He leads.
Thanks for listening to me share my heart.
Maybe you relate.
In any case,
Blessings on your day!
Gwynie Pie