Saturday, June 13, 2009

On the Road to Guatemala

Cute picture !!!
I love that man !!!!
William in his Guatemala Missions shirt, work hat, passport around his neck and his sack lunch for later today on the way to San Antonio. Egg and bacon burritos from Corner Stop, in case you are interested.
We ate breakfast there this morning --- so good!
I kidded him about looking like he was going off to first day of school.
Especially, when he had on the backpack also.
AND ---- they're off !
San Antonio by bus, SA to Houston by plane,
then Houston to Guatemala City,
arriving at 9:00 tonight.
Tomorrow, will be a lengthy bus ride up into the mountains
of Chichicastenengo.
Please pray for the entire team and
for the four widows and their children
that will receive the houses they will build.
Gwynie Pie

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