Thursday, June 3, 2010

First of 10 New Posts

I am so missing posting on a regular basis.
I miss reading all my favorite blogs as well.
Today, I had a few extra minutes when
I got home from work (which I'm doing every
single day now) and I still had some
energy :)
what follows is about 9 more posts
to "catch-up" on all the
happenings around
the Rosser house.
Just thought I'd warn any of you
brave readers out there.....
it just keeps on goin'
Gwynie Pie

The Boles Family

While home this weekend
Dana, Blake and Lily Kate,
with Ronnie as photographer,
did a very spur of the moment
photo session.

Fun pictures!!!!

Gwynie Pie
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Summertime and the livin' is easy

Ice cream freezers crankin' up delicious
vanilla, strawberry cheesecake and Mexican chocolate --
WOW! So good!

From now through about mid-September, maybe even early October---
this will be a constant on the backporch clothesline.

We three gals stopped
in at Wal-mart over the weekend because....'s a weekend, a holiday, all kinds of craziness
breaks out in a Wal-mart on weekends. And especially holiday
And we couldn't miss the action, right?

They had fresh cherries for a ridiculously low
We all three bought a huge bag,
pooled our resources
and everyone ate to their heart's delight.

Look at the cute tin beverage
dispenser I found know I'm gonna say it.....Wal-mart.
It holds 3 gallons which is just the
amount of iced tea this family consumes
on a typical summer day.

I bought 2 of them. One sweet, one not.

Gwynie Pie
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Around the house.......

Summer arrangement in bathroom.

New color in the kitchen "alfalfa".
Replaces "lobster".
I'm lovin' it. Waaaaaay brighter than my usual m.o.

Out on the porch.

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Parade !!!!

Early morning pre-parade prep--
Pops takes Blake a cup of coffee
and then the parade can begin.
Here's a good shot of some of our
little town. That's the baseball field just across
the street from our front yard.
And beyond that in the distance are
the grain silos. Shiny towers, I think
is what Lily Kate calls them.

When they are coming to Mereta,
she knows they are almost there
when she can see the shiny towers
in the distance.
Of course, every little town around here
has "shiny towers" so it can
be a little confusing. And frustrating
for a 3 year old. wasn't a very long
parade. Only 1 float.

They won!

Gwynie Pie

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LOTS of this went on over the Memorial Day weekend!

Swim to the ladder.

Gwynie Pie
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The Tractor

Memorial Day Saturday William, Colin and Blake set out to go get "the little tractor".
Tractor has been off visiting and it was time to get her back home.

As soon as it was unloaded guess who
??? bolted right out the door and made a beeline .......

He jumped up on the seat and just sat there.
He watched the horse grazing.
And surveyed what little action was going on in town.
Nothing! would convince him to get off that tractor seat.
Doesn't he look like he is just coming
in from plowing the "back 40"?

Funny, funny dog boy.

Gwynie Pie
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Keep Calm and Carry On

The night of the party ( 3 weekends ago),
we were hit by an incredible storm. Just as everyone arrived, the bottom fell out.
Claps of thunder.
Buckets of rain.
And I'm pretty sure at one point,
lightning struck in our back yard.
THAT will get your attention.
We all kept our "party" attitudes though
and decided to

...........and we did......Carry On.

Gwynie Pie
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