Wednesday, November 11, 2009

DREAMS 2009 -- revisited

Last January, when I wrote my very first (technically my second) blog ever...I bared my soul and actually stated my Dreams for the year.

At the time I remember thinking -- THIS may be your craziest hour, are gonna have to answer for this later at the end of the year.

And sure I am................answering...............

Here we are 6 weeks away from the last day of this year and I figured it was time to face the music and revisit those goals. Time to reassess.

And time to start thinking about the new goals for 2010.

Bad news is -- I have not accomplished ALL of my goals for the year. Not even half of them. Oh heck, who am I kiddin' -- not even a fourth of them.

Good news is -- hmmmm.....I'm thinking.........

I must admit that to fall short of a goal is a great disappointment to me.
My tendency is to feel like a failure. The original point of writing down my goals, however, was to keep them out there in front of me, knowing that is a very effective way to actually achieve goals. Write them down. Read them every day. AHHHH HA!!!!

Here's the TRUTH --- I have NOT kept those goals out there in front of me. I have not read them every day. I have
pretty much ignored them, all the while knowing they were still there....just mocking me.

I have not lost a significant amount of weight. I am not in good enough shape to do the Jingle Bell Run in Fort Worth in 4 weeks.
I still haven't had the guitar out of the case ......ALL YEAR LONG! Still can't back a trailer. Didn't float a river or kayak one this past summer.

Have not ridden a horse. Although we do now own a horse, so I guess I'm just sneakin' up on that goal. HOWEVER ---
riding a horse is closely tied to that first goal I didn't reach this year (the one about losing weight).

Here's what I HAVE ACCOMPLISHED from the "Dreams" post -----

I have done two meaty Bible studies. And I have read much of my Bible, with the goal of reading it through this year. This goal WILL BE accomplished by Dec. 31. It WILL!!!

I'm also reading through the Bible in 2010. Again. This has been one of the most exciting, profound, challenging, frustrating, satisfying things I've ever done.

All in all - now that I've written this down -- I guess I really should feel like a failure. But, I don't. I just feel more challenged to keep going. To keep setting goals. To keep desiring to be better, do more, achieve more. To keep reaching.

I'm re-thinking many of those goals (not achieved) from this year. Praying. I really want to desire the things for myself that the LORD desires for me. In praying and thinking about this, I believe this is a goal for 2010 :

I am setting a goal to read 20 books during the year. Not the fluffy mysterys that I can devour in a day. But 20 books with a lot heft to them -- a lot a weight and significance.

I'm listing them over on the sidebar so they are "In My Face" all year long. I'm very excited about this goal. I need to stretch my mind. To challenge my thinking. To fill my mind with good, challenging things.

What about you??? Are you a reader? Do you NEED to be a reader? I invite you to share my list of books. We can read together and then discuss. :) Think about it..............

Gwynie Pie
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