Monday, May 4, 2009

Welcome to the Redneck Riviera

William worked so hard Saturday mowing the yard, I just had to show you the results. The recent rains have made the grass/weeds/fire ants grow like....well, like weeds. Add to the thick grass the fact that it drizzled all day Saturday and mowing was a slow, tedious, labor intensive process. It looks so good though when newly mowed. You would almost think we had a great lawn. Really, it's mostly weeds with a little grass. Growing a great lawn has never been our thing. There are just too many other things more important to us than great grass...........
Looking out the back door -- the "bell tower" (a bell from an old school somewhere) and our soon-to-be planted cotton field.
The back porch from out in the yard. I love when the plants start greening up and growing and filling in the blank spots around the house.
I just love all the different colors of spring greens !!!
Welcome to the Redneck Riviera !!! We love our big blue pool. In the past 7 years we've been through two pools, the one filling is our 3rd. I just love floating in the big blue pool, looking up at the big blue Texas sky. For me -- this is luxury !!! Having a pool of cool, clear water just feet from the back door is just total bliss !! The pool is also a big hit with Lily Kate who loves to "jump watti". She's quite a little fish.
In the foreground, the fire pit -- the scene of many wienie roasts, marshmallow roasts, story tellings, foot warmings. We had a fire going much of the day Saturday and into the night. Every so often I'd go huddle and warm up before tackling more of the porch. It was so quiet sitting out there later after the sun went down and the work was done. Again, just a bit of luxury. Yeah, I'm pretty sure I belong right here on the Redneck Riviera! I'm just a country girl......
Gwynie Pie

Monday Morning -- It's Laundry Day !!

As some of you know, a recent city-wide search took place for clothesline poles. The ones that used to be here were long gone and I really, really enjoy line drying clothes. Plus, it's just handy to have for non-dryer items like rugs and quilts. Soooo, I put out the call on Facebook and within days, friend Lauri answered and in a few more days, I had my very own clothesline poles. Yippee!!!! Thank you Pops, Blake, Colin and Ronnie for risking life and limb to dig them up, load them up and bring them home. Then Pops dug the holes (I think I saw China!?!), we set them in cement, I painted them dark green, Pops strung the lines and voila -- I'm in business !!! Love them !!! Love all of you who contributed to my happiness -- big, big hugs and kisses !!!
I just wanted you to see the "fruits" of your labor. It's a Monday morning. The sun is shining. The breezes are blowing. Clothes are on the line. More clothes in the washer. My back porch is cleaned and cutesied (def: made cute). And in mere moments while the sun dries my clothes, I'll be rocking on the back porch, Bible in lap, coffee in hand, praising the LORD for such a privileged, blessed, favored life.
You have a Blessed Monday too!
Gwynie Pie