Monday, May 4, 2009

Monday Morning -- It's Laundry Day !!

As some of you know, a recent city-wide search took place for clothesline poles. The ones that used to be here were long gone and I really, really enjoy line drying clothes. Plus, it's just handy to have for non-dryer items like rugs and quilts. Soooo, I put out the call on Facebook and within days, friend Lauri answered and in a few more days, I had my very own clothesline poles. Yippee!!!! Thank you Pops, Blake, Colin and Ronnie for risking life and limb to dig them up, load them up and bring them home. Then Pops dug the holes (I think I saw China!?!), we set them in cement, I painted them dark green, Pops strung the lines and voila -- I'm in business !!! Love them !!! Love all of you who contributed to my happiness -- big, big hugs and kisses !!!
I just wanted you to see the "fruits" of your labor. It's a Monday morning. The sun is shining. The breezes are blowing. Clothes are on the line. More clothes in the washer. My back porch is cleaned and cutesied (def: made cute). And in mere moments while the sun dries my clothes, I'll be rocking on the back porch, Bible in lap, coffee in hand, praising the LORD for such a privileged, blessed, favored life.
You have a Blessed Monday too!
Gwynie Pie

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