Wednesday, May 6, 2009

The REAL Housewives !!!!!!!

Okay, I need to say right here at the beginning ---this post is pretty lengthy, BUT once I get out the "soapbox" ... I wrote this several months ago early, early one morning after watching The Real Housewives of Atlanta the night before. I was FIRED UP !!! and had much to say, so I hope you will hang with me as I pay tribute to The REAL Housewives !!!!

Hey there all you Real Housewives of Tom Green County --- I slept fitfully last night and got up at 5:45. I just could not sleep! I couldn't quiet my mind. I was all stirred up. Hours earlier I watched the first episode of Real Housewives of Atlanta. And here's what I am thinking ---

First of all, yes, I know!! Bravo TV does not care what I think about their Real Housewives shows. They just want me(and you) to keep on watching. And yes, I know!! Bravo TV has to be one of the most liberal stations out there. Much of what they do is "pushing the envelope" and is primarily for shock value. I know that. It's all about the ratings. AND yes, I know!! Bravo TV is not looking for Really, Real Housewives -- who would want to watch that?? Not sensational enough, not enough glitz and glamour involved. Just a day in the life of....yawn....I understand. I do. That said, all these Real Housewives shows, Orange County, NYC and now Atlanta -- they are not Real Housewives. A real hoot to watch, just not Real. And that is what has been bugging me I guess....since I KNOW Real Housewives !!!

So, If Bravo came to me and asked --- I'd know right where to find them. Real Housewives. I'm talking real women, daring women, courageous woman, beautiful women, women who live on the edge every day. Those women live right here in Tom Green County, Texas (and beyond). I just want to pay tribute to you Real Housewives today, where ever you live in this know who you are................

I am so privileged to have so many Real Housewives as my friends. I know you. I know your life. I know your struggles. I know how hard it is to stay at home every day, day after day, and take care of a home, a husband, kids, pets, schedules, teachers, lessons plans, bills, appointments, car pools, soccer, baseball and church. BUT you Real Housewives do it with style !!

You clip coupons, watch for sales, shop for bargains, pinch pennies. You juggle every one's schedules and schedule every one's everything. YOU are a Real Housewife !

I know it involves so much more than even your husband will ever know. It's not because he isn't loving and sensitive and caring that he will never know. It's because being a Real Housewife is a "until you been there, done just don't know" kind of job. Unless you've spent time, lots of time, actually "fighting this good fight" you can't really know. He just doesn't fully understand what your life is like on a daily basis. And most likely, he won't ever matter how vividly you describe it to him.

I also know there is very little "Thanks" coming your way, at least not in so many words. And, don't want to be a downer, but there may not be much in that area for a while, especially if your children are still under age, oh say, 25 or so. BUT -- there will come a day when as it says in Proverbs 31 your children will "rise and call you blessed". My children "call me blessed" so many times, in so many ways. Bear in mind, my kids are 34, 29 and 28. So, give it some time ladies. Keep hanging in there and holding on by faith to God's promises and His instructions and that scripture will bear out in your life.

Real Housewives are NOT a bunch of self-serving, self-centered, self-important women. They are THE most generous, giving, loving women I know. I know how deeply these Housewives care about, not just their own friends and family, but about the people of this world. These Real Housewives are a phenomenal bunch of women who think of others needs before their own, who love like Jesus loves, who cry for a lost world, who desire to be Jesus to someone every day of their life.

These Real Housewives not only tithe, but give offerings in so many ways, so generously -- of their money, their time, their emotions, their energy, their intelligence, their gifts. These Housewives begin praying to their Father before their feet every touch the floor in the morning. They fix meals for families in need of comfort in times of loss. Some have even adopted into their own family someone else's child and in doing so, show us all what it means to be "adopted" into the kingdom.

These Real Housewives are women who have cooked meals in the broiling heat of a kitchen in Mexico. Women who have slept in tents in the bush of Africa. Women who have served meals to people who were beaten and bruised and running for their lives from vicious storms. Women who have ministered to the lost in the very birthplace of The Savior. Women who know that just because you don't speak the same language, that doesn't mean you can't speak the same language. Women who have listened to other women pour out their sorrow over the sin in their own lives. Women who are willing to sell all they have, give up everything in order to follow His call....even when that call will take them to the other side of the world. And all done just to tell someone who is dying about the One who saves. Women who will testify every day of God's grace and goodness -- sometimes using words, sometimes just by living their life for Him today!! THESE are the Real Housewives that I know!!

So there !!!! I've had my rant. I feel ever so much better. Thank you Housewives for inspiring me every time I see you, even if we don't "know" each other very well or at all -- we Know each other -- we are sisters in the LORD.

I admire you, one and all
With much love and respect,
Gwynie Pie