Monday, July 26, 2010

Help! Blub, blub, blub..............

Okay. This is it.
I'm declaring war.
Clutter and disorganization
are the enemies.

I've just let things slip lately.
And I've used the excuse that it's because I've gone to work.

This weekend though, I felt something
shift in my thinking.
Honestly, I'm just tired of feeling
swept under by things I can very well control.

See I have long believed the enemy would just as soon
see us consumed and shut down by our clutter and inefficiency
as he would to see us shut down by sexual sin,
gossip, hatred or any other sin.
One is just as effective as another
IF it takes us out of living our lives to the fullest.

I am a "cleanie" by nature. And also by nurture.
My mother and her mother were both cleanies.
Or at least, they were very, very good at cleaning, organizing and
taking care of a home.
And, thank you Lord, they passed it on to me.

I fully realize not everyone is born a "cleanie" and not
every girl grows up with a mom who can or will
teach her how to clean.
So, if you are one who did not have a "cleanie" for a mom,
I would be honored if you'd come along with me
on this little adventure.
Okay, so ---- back to conquering clutter.
I have begun the fight.
It is much easier and a lot more "fun" to begin
cleaning house by clearing off the tabletop
and straightening up the coffeetable in the living room.

Those things are immediately visible
and it is definitely instant gratification.
However, I spend my energies doing that
and STILL there are those things hidden in a drawer
or behind a closet or even "oh sweet Nellie,
what is that under the bed?"

It is so very easy to just walk on by, leave it alone
and have a don't wake up the sleeping bear
kind of attitude.

It has been said, and rightly so
Freedom is NOT free.

And personal individual freedoms are important
just as other freedoms we may pursue on a larger, even national scale.
Difference is --
Personal freedom is going to cost you
Personally !!!

So, I am embarking on a little journey
to get
in all areas of my life.

And I'm beginning with the inmost part of
my home....the guts of the house,
so to speak.

I'm beginning with the biggest area of
that I have to deal with ---


Dealing with the paper --

That's an area where I can quite literally just cram
everything in a big ol box,
put a lid on it
and call it good.

Oh the bills get paid --
just not with any kind of ease.

So, here is my goal --

I am endeavoring to "set my house RIGHT side up"
over the next few days/weeks/however long it takes.

I desire to become
"crisply organized"
in every area --
EVEN under the beds.

I will be back later this week with an update on my own
journey and I'll have some ideas and "how-tos" as well.

Oh by the way,
the pictures are NOT of how we live on a daily basis.

I ask William to help me last night and we dragged
out every piece of paper in this house.

It's all spread out in the bedroom floor
and is a work in progress.
I'll be letting you know how this goes.

Until then ---
as William Wallace would say


Gwynie Pie
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