Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Decorating continues......

On top of the tv armoire -- my favorite little stone angel sits watch. I made the red "This House Believes" sign a couple years ago. It moves around the house and is almost always on display. This house believes --- in Jesus.

Old!!! red toolbox lined with a scrap of burlap holds our collection of children's Christmas books. Some are mine, some are my kids. That Christmas Stories book was given as a gift to William's great-grandmother in 1903. So sweet.
The Santa is from my childhood -- he always stood on my folks mantle with his hand in a candy dish. I'm not a big Santa fan, ya know? but I do love him.

Stack of family bibles. Some are quite ancient. The nativity we've had since we were first married.
Part of the collection of Santa and Christmas pictures through the years. That black and white one is me and my Daddy, my first Christmas.

The house is looking like Christmas now. I'm ready to sit back, drink some hot tea and enjoy the season.


Gwynie Pie
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