Thursday, June 11, 2009

3rd Post of the Day

Today was a busy day in "big town". I drove in to San Angelo this morning
and spent the day running errands for my mother -- getting groceries,
picking up a few things at Hobby Lobby,
and I took her to coumadin clinic.
Coumadin is a blood thinning prescription that she takes
and a bi-weekly blood test is required to make
sure her blood is not too thick, not too thin, but
just right.
I am glad to help my mother out with all these things.
It gives us a chance to spend a little time together and
visit some.
Usually, I drop her off at the front of the building and then find a spot to sit in the car
and watch for her to come out and go pick her up and we're on our way to something else.
Sitting there, watching people, as I love to do, is very hard on me.
I see people entering the building for cancer treatments, cardiologist appointments or
coumadin clinic. In any case, none of it spells "great health" and I usually leave
there a bit depressed.
Well, today was different.
And I've just gotta share it with you while it's fresh on my mind.
I found a spot to sit and wait, right in the front of the building....Primo people watching
Out comes this couple --- moving very slowly. He is walking with
a bit of a limp and his left hand is turned a bit -- possibly recovering from a stroke?
He is every bit of 90 and she is at least 85.
They are holding hands.
She is wearing a lovely hot pink sweater set with a very pretty, bright floral skirt, heels,
great jewelry and the!
She has brilliant white hair that is teased
to within an inch of its life and shaped into the classic "helmet" shape. So cute!!
A beautiful lady, still very shapely and walking tall.
He is dressed in a charcoal gray suit with a light gray stripe, a light gray shirt
and a matching gray tie. He's wearing a black belt and shoes.
And THE worst toupee I've ever seen. Really.
But he was so cute !!!! Just so adorable !
This couple was holding hands, talking and laughing from the time they exited the building.
They obviously enjoyed each other's company.
She just had the sweetest, adoring countenance and he
had such a sweet, huge smile -- the kind that you could see all the dental work
he'd ever had done every time he smiled.
There was just that something about them that drew me.
They were so happy !!! I don't know why they were there today.
Don't know which one is the patient, which one is sick, but they were so
different from everyone else that I saw while sitting there.
They were just so obviously glad to be. Just glad to be, ya know?
They got to their car just helping each other along.
He opened the door for her and helped her in.
Then, he went around and got in. They drove off and I just sat there
smiling. What a treat the LORD let me have this afternoon.
I saw something very, very sweet, very moving, very special.
Very encouraging.
A very old couple still very much in love!
I 've had a good feeling the whole rest of the day.
Gwynie Pie

Second Post of the Day

Yep, some days just require more than one blog post. This is one of those days !
I just got back from eating dinner with William before
he went to the church to help with packing all the big stuff
they are taking to Guatemala.
AND it's worth telling y'all all about it ---
We ate a Hot Dog Combo at Sam's.
If you've never had this DE-lightful culinary
go at your earliest opportunity --
run, don't walk
it will sooooo be worth it !!
Now, I'm a fan of the hot dog.
BUT, not just any dog.
I try to eat only the dogs that have been
blessed by the Rabbi.
No, I'm not kidding.
You thought I was kidding??
Oy vey!!
That does mean I'm rather limited when it comes to
hotdog brands -- it's either Nathan's or Hebrew National
and I much prefer Nathan's, which is exactly the brand SAM'S
Now, when you get your Hot Dog Combo at SAM'S, you will get
a 32 oz. cup to be filled with a delightful beverage of your choice
and a juicy Nathan's dog in a fragrant and fluffy bun.
At the condiment bar, you may add mustard, mayo, ketchup,
relish, onions, and there are cute little packages
of sauerkraut --- Frank's sauerkraut to be exact.
I don't know this Frank, but the man makes a mean
sauerkraut --- even better than my German grandmother.
You MUST try the kraut.
You will not be sorry.
AND are you ready for this ---
the total of this sumptuous feast for two
$3. 48 !!
Total !!
Yum !!
Give it a try sometime,
Gwynie Pie

Happy Birthday Grammy !!!

Today is my mother-in-law's
She is 84!
Some of the family took her out to
Cheddar's last night for
her birthday dinner.
It's always fun to get together
just get to hang out
visit with the family !
Happy Birthday, Elizabeth !
We love you !!!