Tuesday, May 11, 2010

When you are being overtaken by the gray, as I was -- I decided I had exactly two options.

Option 1 -- cut my hair super short and let it grow in my natural color - gray.
So not gonna happen. I just don't look "right" with my hair pixie-like.
Probably cause I am soooo not a pixie, huh?

Option 2 -- fool my gray hair into thinking it's really just the"high-lights".

I have NO problem with gray hair.
And if I could have figured out how to "get there" gracefully, I'd let it go gray in a second.

But honestly, there was nothing graceful about where my hair was going.

So, Saturday, Ronnie and I spent the better part of the afternoon

watching fun tv --- some fun wedding dress shows
The Real Housewives of New Jersey.
Oh mercy!

........while, Ronnie transformed me into a
strawberry blonde.

I like it!

Thanks Ronnie XOXO

Gwynie Pie
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Well.......they didn't work the whole weekend.

Guys just want to have fun.

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How to climb a tree

So much has happened over the past 6 weeks since I last posted.
Nothing bad. Just stuff. Life. Work.
Also, I just needed the break to "think".
About stuff. Life. Work.
To kind of reassess.
And to re-prioritize.

I can so easily get life all out of kelter.

Over the weekend, Ronnie, Colin and Jigs were here.

We had a fun weekend.
They helped us do some clean-up and
spruce-up to get ready
for a party this Friday.

The guys grilled for Mother's Day lunch and did yard stuff
Ronnie and I spent the better part of Sat. afternoon
watching mindless, but fun tv
while she worked on my hair.

We missed the rest of our family
being here for the weekend.
And so.....since Lily Kate didn't get to see this for herself......
here is Jigsy boy climbing the big tree in our

Crazy, silly, fun Jigsy boy.
He's the King of all the world !!!!!!!

And all is fine. Until he wants down.
Then he has to have help.
What a dog !

Hope your weekend was fun-filled and fabulous,

Gwynie Pie
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