Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Too busy! Too busy?

Is anyone else out there feeling like I've been feeling lately?
I've really been struggling.....
trying to keep up with everything
and yet...
not really wanting to do anything!
The JOY of life is dulled,
and the energy is drained,
and life has begun to feel like that movie
"Groundhog Day".
Do you know what I mean????
I have, for some months now,
felt all burnt out, empty,
And waaaaaay too consumed
with the Emergencies---
all the while I have let the
fall to the wayside.
I have known exactly what the problem was --
I've walked this way before.
It's simple really.
I have "forgotten my first love".
I've become so busy
that I pushed my pursuit of the LORD
and his words
and spending time with Him --
I've pushed it right to, not the bottom,
of my list of "need to do"
BUT no longer at the top of my list
of "must do".
changing course....
it should be the easiest thing in the world.
Why do I resist so?
In a word - Pride.
I always think I know better.
Until of course it's proven
that I do not
will not. ever.
And how He pursues me when I go off the rails....
it is quite amazing.
The sermon series at church has been
First Things First.
The first book I picked up
(of my 26 book goal for 2010)
The Magnificent Obsession
by Anne Graham Lotz.
Oh. My. Goodness.
Every word is as if it was written just for me
and for just this time of my life.
And every other thing I've listened to,
read, watched ---
has had the same message.
You'd think it was a conspiracy of some sort.
And of course, it IS.
The Word tells us that He desires to
spend time with us,
and that He will never allow us,
who know Him, to
slide backwards.....
He will always, always, always
pursue us
and bring us back.
He loves us.
How wonderful
How are you doing on this 20th of January, 2010?
Gwynie Pie