Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Frodo No More

Frodo No More -- I think that's Latin for "Hey, look at that, my feet are soft again!"
I laughingly have referred to my horribly cracked dry feet as
Frodo feet -- and they've really taken a beating this winter
with the extreme dry weather we experienced.
Of course, it doesn't help anything that I go around barefoot
almost year round (hillbilly).
Ronnie had told me about Heel of Approval and how good it is. And then I saw
it "featured" on two other blogs right after that. So, the other
day when my feet cracked so badly I could almost
not walk, I decided to get some and give it
the "acid test". William graciously ventured into Bath and Body
in the mall and bought for me Heel of Approval and another product that
was highly recommended called Tough Love.
It was on a Thursday night when I first used the products
and by Saturday morning, my feet were completely healed ! For reals!!
This is monumental !! Right up there with jeans that fit and a bra that doesn't bite! This is a real "find"!!!!
THEN, a few days later, William brought me a
Ped Egg on a stick with a little pumice buffer pad and
WOW !!! My world, as I have known it -- changed!!! As I said in an earlier post -----it's "my precious".
Seriously, in case I ever have to quickly evacuate that little Ped Egg on a stick is comin' with me!
Just wanted to share this earth-shaking info with ya !!
Happy Feet!!
Gwynie Pie