Monday, August 17, 2009

Mmmmm -- Cool

I felt it !!! This morning when I stepped out onto the back porch at 7-something I could feel just the barest hint
of Fall in the air.
Not full-blown, time to get out the Fall decor yet.
But, the air has changed a bit -- there is a slight coolness
that tell's me Summer is drawing to a close.
I'm always sad at the end of Summer -
cause I'm a Summer kind of girl
and I love it so.
But, ahhhh Fall -- delicious smells,
falling leaves, back-to-school,
family holidays, football --
I love Fall too !

And because I am in
such a Fall kind of mood today, I wanted to share
these Fall vignettes to get you in
Fall kind of mood too.
These are from last year -- I won't decorate for Fall
until after Labor Day.
Then it'll be full-tilt decorating
and of course,
I'll take pictures.
I decorated the dining table
first and then when I realized that as pretty as it was and as much as I loved it
there --- there was no room for the really important stuff ---
like FOOD !
Sooooo- I moved it all over to the buffet.
I love all those rich, warm colors.
I especially love the family picture
in the middle of it all 'cause
that is what life is all about --
whatever season it happens to be.
And now -- back to reality.
It's going to be about 100 here today.
That wonderful, cool Fall feeling will be gone
by 9:00.
And I'm planning on spending the last few afternoons
of Summer in the pool, soaking up the sun.
Hope you are having a spectacular Monday!
Gwynie Pie
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