Monday, April 25, 2011

Catching up

Dana has just fried up some Jalapeno Bacon
and her brothers are giving a "review".
It's bacon ! What could be bad about bacon, I ask you?
I've been "away" for awhile --
It's been 4 months !!!
So much has happened during that time.
Life has been super, super busy.
and...can I just be honest? .....a bit weird too
In those few months a lot has happened at our house ---
* we had a wonderful Christmas on New Year's weekend
* right after Christmas, William became unemployed and
is still applying and interviewing -- no job yet.
* Colin and Ronnie went on a mission trip to
*then they attended a week long class that taught them
how to drill low-cost water wells and their plan is to take
that knowledge to third world countries and teach villages
to drill wells
*Blake ran "The Cowtown" in Ft. Worth this year -- his
first race ever
POPS wrestled by son and Jigs.
I have a fun family!
The guys often "attack" each other.
Just for fun.
NOT Four Christmases style though --
Just craziness.
* Devin has spent hours at Dry Hollow fighting the prickly pear
and mesquite
* Dana is just about a month away from presenting us with
a grandson, William Barret Boles,
named William after both his grandfathers,
and William Barret after a hero of the Alamo,
William Barret Travis.
* my part-time-gone-full-time-job, just went
* my mother has been with us for about a week
and will be living with us for probably another
4 to 6 weeks.
She had an accident last Sunday involving
her house and her car.
Yep. It's pretty ugly.
She, however, was not hurt.
This past weekend, everyone came for Easter.
Sunday night, we girls were all ready for bed---
I looked around the living room and realized that
never, ever !!! had all of us -
my mother,
my daughter,
my daughter-in-law,
my grandaughter
spent the night in the same house.....not ever !
It was quite fun and very sweet.
A 4 generation sleep-over.
* Oh, and I started couponing !!!
What fun!
Where's has that been all my life??? I wanna know.
I'm definitely NOT "extreme".
But I am saving a substantial amount every month.
Truly makes me feel like I'm contributing in a bigger way to the
well-being of our household.

Grand dog Jigs -- having a well-deserved rest. He is the best dog EVER!
So much more has
happened to us over these past few months.
It's pretty overwhelming when we think on it all.
Sooooo - we don't !
But honestly, it just sounds like whining when I say them out loud.
AND -- I am so not whining.......
Along with so much stress and
upheaval in our lives,
has also come
just Pure Joy !!!
I know that many of my prayers,
the very desires of my hearts,
are being aswered.
I truly feel like we are up above all the mess,
just skimming along,
under the protection of the Father.
We have experienced incredible blessings over these months.
Manna on the ground.
Enough for today.
We only have to pick it up,
be grateful for it,
trust God for the next day's supply.

POPS and Lily Kate enjoying a cool winter's day

LK trying out her new soccer ball and shin guards.
All in all --
2011 is off to a great start!
Gwynie Pie
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