Thursday, July 16, 2009

Perfect or Excellent

Hey, did you ever get something just stuck in your head?....can't get loose from it? just almost haunts you?
I mean, really -- from every direction and from all sorts of completely unrelated sources the same topic, same subject keeps coming at you??
That happens to me pretty often. I know God is teaching me all the time. Sometimes I listen easily and "get it". And sometimes it takes many, many more "attempts" to get me to pay attention and hear His words.
I finally have to just STOP and get still and ask,

"OK, Lord, you are trying to teach me something here?? (deep breath - exhale) Then, I will listen. Teach me what You want me to know."
Well, as we are studying in our ladies bible study Discerning the Voice of God, God can and does communicate with us in a variety of ways. He can and will get His message across to us however and whatever it takes.
Soooo - the thing that I am just stuck on is this : Perfection versus Excellence.
Specifically, in my job as a Home Engineer what level do I aspire?
I have known women who aim for Perfection -- in all areas, nothing else is acceptable. Even the closets and cupboards are "perfect". Every area of the house, yard, car, kids, husband and life is piffy perfect, thank you very much !!! Things seem a little "plastic" if you know what I mean, but it looks great !!!!
I actually "did time" for a while in my life aiming for and running after this Perfection. Got really tired running. Didn't get there. Got nothing for my efforts except a boat load of frustration. I abandoned that pursuit and went on to --------
Looking' Good . This style is when everything looks good to the occasional eye but don't go diggin' anywhere in the house, closet, car, kids, husband or life. That's where the "messes" will appear. Looks good on the surface though....lookin' good. Just don't go nosin' around cause ---- whoooo---eeee --- things are a jumble. I spent a lot of years pursuing looking good and being scared to death that someone would look deeper and I would be exposed as a fraud -- in my house, closet, car, kids, husband and life !! I briefly experienced the
Hey Leave Me Alone homemaker syndrome. Everything -- absolutely every thing is a wreck -- all facets of life are in various states of falling down and coming apart. She seems somewhat upset by this but at the same time, fairly clueless as to how to fix. Therefore, she's on the defensive much of the time. And angry. And depressed. And feeling like a failure. And cries a LOT. A LOT !!! in her bathrobe while sitting on the sofa eating and watching trash on tv. In between crying fits. Sheesh -- so glad I managed to pull out of THAT time in life. Disgusting even to myself, I knew I couldn't stay there, didn't want to stay there, but had to find my way out.
Then there is the Good Enough homemaker. A swipe at cleaning here and there but if crumbs fall to the floor -- oh well. Dog will get them. (even when there isn't a dog) The same gravy stain that was accidentally slung on the wall at Thanksgiving dinner 4 years ago is still there. Any household cleaning job is attempted and quickly abandoned before truly finished with the attitude of "what do you expect from me??? I'm doing all I can do ". Been there as well.
I think these are just a few of the phases we might go through as homemakers
And I truly believe the LORD calls each of us to Excellence. He already knows we can't be perfect while we're living here in our earth suits. Sometimes --- it takes us a while to learn that we can't be perfect.
BUT -- we CAN be excellent. That is certainly my goal -- to be an excellent homemaker. To excel at my job. I hope to visit this subject every week or so.
There are so many areas in Homemaking that can be looked at with Excellence as our goal.
AND I would love to get your input and discussion on the topic.
Please tell me IF this interests you.
What are the struggles you are having in carrying out your job as a homemaker?
Is time management your problem
Is it lack of skills
No example from mom or other skilled
person in your life?
Bad attitude? -- got the "I don't want-tos"?
We can work on those together and all come up higher in our pursuit of excellence.
I truly hope you will join in.

Love you all,

Gwynie Pie


It's been 24 hours since surgery was completed. The Dr. was very
optimistic and encouraging. The brain bleed had stopped on its own before the surgery began which meant the surgery did not have to be so invasive and therefore, a bit less risky.

Elizabeth was alert and knew people immediately upon arriving in ICU, a great sign. Of course, she was woozy, sleepy, thirsty and kept trying to be sneaky and slip HER watch off of her daughter's wrist.
She had given the watch to Elaine the night before to keep for her
and after I thought about it....I don't think I've EVER seen Elizabeth when she didn't have her watch on. I'm sure she feels just not right
without I do when I forget my wedding ring. Of course, she still had in IV and tubes and couldn't wear it and didn't need it. But that didn't stop her in her "medically induced" state of fuzziness.....

Anyway, it got to be pretty funny there in the ICU with Elizabeth trying to weasel the watch off Elaine. Pretty cute !!

She is having another CT scan today and that will tell a lot of how successful the surgery was and what her recovery will look like from here.

Thank you so much for all your prayers !!! Much love to each of you!

God is good, All the time
All the time, God is good !

Gwynie Pie