Thursday, July 16, 2009


It's been 24 hours since surgery was completed. The Dr. was very
optimistic and encouraging. The brain bleed had stopped on its own before the surgery began which meant the surgery did not have to be so invasive and therefore, a bit less risky.

Elizabeth was alert and knew people immediately upon arriving in ICU, a great sign. Of course, she was woozy, sleepy, thirsty and kept trying to be sneaky and slip HER watch off of her daughter's wrist.
She had given the watch to Elaine the night before to keep for her
and after I thought about it....I don't think I've EVER seen Elizabeth when she didn't have her watch on. I'm sure she feels just not right
without I do when I forget my wedding ring. Of course, she still had in IV and tubes and couldn't wear it and didn't need it. But that didn't stop her in her "medically induced" state of fuzziness.....

Anyway, it got to be pretty funny there in the ICU with Elizabeth trying to weasel the watch off Elaine. Pretty cute !!

She is having another CT scan today and that will tell a lot of how successful the surgery was and what her recovery will look like from here.

Thank you so much for all your prayers !!! Much love to each of you!

God is good, All the time
All the time, God is good !

Gwynie Pie

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