Saturday, August 21, 2010

Coffee Bag Lady, Part 2

Several months ago I purchased
50 !!!!
burlap coffee bags
from our
local importer.

Had not a clue what I would do with them
but they were
they had printing on them,
they were burlap.

I'd figure it out................

Soooo, today ------ I figured it out.

My husband volunteered to spray paint
the old grocery store doors.

The color is Blue Ocean Breeze
by Krylon.
and I am lovin' this color.
It's just cool and refreshing to me---
so much so I've been through
5 cans and have another 1 in reserve
just in case.

It seems like
the hotter it gets here
it has been sooooo HOT !
the more I NEED
this cool Ocean Breeze
color in my home.

Cool Raspberry
Sunny Yellow
have also

I'm on a roll......

Somebody stop me.

I think they turned out
pretty cute (and cool).
They sit in the master bedroom
hiding a little used closet door.

We finished painting Bedroom #2
and I'll be showing you
those pictures soon.

Gwynie Pie
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