Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Memorial Day Fun - part 2

Makeshift flower vase -- Colin picked some flowers for Ronnie on their morning run and couldn't find a real vase. So, he improvised with an old bottle of Lily's --- looks kinda cute, huh?
Jump Watti !!! That's 2 year old talk . It means "get in the pool already !!"
Happy girl !! Even though the water was bone-chilling cold !!!!
It's Memorial Day !! We're gonna swim, doggone it!!
THIS whopper was Lily Kate's second catch of the day.
And THIS is Lily Kate's very 1st catch, EVER !!
She was pretty thrilled. She informed us when we asked
"Where are the fish you caught?" ---
"Dey made me fro 'em back."
Lily Kate leaving for her fishing trip to Dry Hollow -- Barbie fishing pole in one hand, Dora backpack in the other. And here is our grand-dog Jigs with Ronnie -- he's wearing Lily's sunhat. He's such a good sport!
We had a wonderful all-American Memorial Day !!!
We played a little baseball,
played a little football,
went swimming,
had a weinee roast,
made s'mores,
visited with family and friends,
and totally enjoyed
this uniquely
holiday !!!
Thank you to all who served and are serving this country. Those sacrifices
allow us such freedom.
I never take that freedom for granted.
It cost many, much!
Thank you,
Gwynie Pie

Memorial Day Fun -- Part 1

Fish Fry on Saturday was a huge success. We got the recipe from friends at The Mesquite Bean Cafe in San Angelo. They have spectacular fried fish on Fridays. That along with every thing else I've ever eaten there is great !!! Stop by and visit them. They are fun, sweet folks!!! Anyway --- this fish frying formula is theirs. Coat fish pieces in mustard, then coat with Zatarain's Fish-Fry, then drop in hot grease. DE lish ous !!!!!!!!

I've never ever been a big fan of fried fish. But this --- honey child....I'm craving it even as I type this at 8:45 in the a.m. Yummo !!!! Dana made jalapeno hush puppies, fried potatoes and THE best jalapeno tartar sauce EVER !!! A delicious start to our weekend !