Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Still tearing around......

Continuing on from the last post................Here is the other cabinet, cleaned out and everything accessible.

Now, all of this stuff laying on the cabinet (minus the pretties, of course) is out of
just one kitchen drawer.

Everything back in it's place, easy to use, easy to find.
Looks good.

THIS is the pile of "left-overs" that are going away.
This entire kitchen project --
the pantry, the kitchen cabinets and
this drawer--
took just a little over an hour -
start to finish.
Here's my method for superfast cleaning,
whether it's cleaning house or
organizing drawers, closets, cabinets.
1. Set a timer. Decide how long it should take you
THEN set the timer for
several minutes less.
Push yourself to see how fast you can clean
that drawer, cabinet or closet.
For me, it's all about beating the clock.
And I AM going to win !!!
2. Keep with you one box for "give-aways",
another box for "this goes somewhere else",
a trash bag for "throw-aways".
3. Don't dawdle! Never pick up one item at a time. Never
take time to "think" about each item -- where you got it,
who gave it to you, or wonder what else you could use it for.
Move, move, move !!!
4. Clean out every single item from the space you are
This give you a clean "canvas" to work with.
5. Be ruthless when you are deciding to keep, pitch or
give away.
I can not stress this one thing enough !!! --
and I quote my daughter, Dana on this --
"If something doesn't bless your life,
out it goes. Let it bless someone else's".
6. Don't bite off more than you can chew !
If you have only 30 minutes to work on
a cleaning project, set your goal for a
30 minute achievement.
Don't set out to clean an entire closet in
30 minutes.
Instead, set out to clean just one shelf in
that closet. Or just one drawer in the
kitchen. Or one shelf in the pantry.
7. When the timer goes off, S T O P !!
and set the timer again for 15 minutes
and go get something refreshing
to drink or have a snack.
When the timer goes off signaling the end
of break time, jump up and get back
in there ---
you are on a quest and
you gotta keep pushing yourself
toward the goal.
8. At the end of the day -- be proud of whatever
you have accomplished. Pat yourself on the back!
You have achieved much !
Just want to leave you with a restful picture from my kitchen
after all that chaos earlier.
I sooooo wish you could smell the aroma
of this Paula Deen candle.
It is "creme brulee" scented and in the store
it did indeed smell just like creme brulee.
When it burns though, it smells like.....
this is really funny, considering it's from
Paula..... frying bacon.
It does!!! bacon with just a hint of maple.
HA!! now THAT'S funny !!!
Gwynie Pie

I'm On A Tear

It started Monday morning! I was thinking about my job -- as a wife and homekeeper.
Next thing ya know, I'm meditating on Proverbs 31.
And from there ----well, let's just say conviction fell upon me
and I got up and started tearing into the one job
I had dreaded and feared
the most ---- going through the two big, bulging boxes
that contain all our bank statements, warrantys, receipts, IRS stuff,
bill stubs, newspaper clippings, etc. etc. etc.
ALL in there together,
in NO order whatsoever.
Now this is the kind of thing that haunts me.
It does. I want to be able to lay my hands on any document
at any time and to be able to tell William where to find, with ease, whatever we're looking for.

It took me ALL day long - from about 9 until 6.
But, we are now organized in our finances.
And ready to really declare war on debt.
We have been pursuing financial freedom for some time now
but I believe getting organized in this area is
taking care "in the small things" and
trusting the LORD for the rest.
I'll show you those pictures later.

Right now ----
the conviction continues !!!

Here is my newly organized pantry.
Yes, we do have a lot of tea bags.
FIFTEEN !!! boxes
Sam's had them $2 less than normal.
We go through a lot of iced tea.
And, in case of a British invasion --
I'm all set.

This cleaning frenzy extended to the kitchen cabinets today. I'll spare you the "befores".
These are the "after" pictures.

Posted by PicasaI had other pictures that I thought I had posted, but alas ..... they aren't here.
Stay tuned......I'm going to find them..... I am.
And then I'll post ......
the rest of the story.
Gwynie Pie

Thursday, August 20, 2009

Lovely Luncheon recipes


1 bag brocolli slaw OR cabbage slaw
1 cup raw sunflowers
1 cup slivered almonds
2 packages Ramen noodles (Oriental flavor)

Mix above 4 ingredients. Then mix-

3/4 cup veggie oil
1/3 cup sugar
1/4 cup white or apple cider vinegar - rice wine vinegar is nice too
seasoning packets from the Ramen noodles

I mix it all up together and let it "marry" and get all yummy and delicious.
If you like more crunch in your salad, don't add the noodles until just before


3 large cans chicken - I buy this at Sam's; it's about $11 for 5 cans - a great deal
1 cup pecans - whole, halved or chopped, your choice
1 cup grapes - red, green or both, halved
about 1 1/2 cups good mayonaise - I love Kraft,Hellmann's is good too

And that's it ! Mix well. You may need to add a little more mayo just before

Soooo easy, sooooo yummy !!

Gwynie Pie

Eat Dessert First

Tuesday, on our anniversary,
William brought me a very fun gift --
He went by Sugar Daddy Desserts
(2411 College Hills Blvd in San Angelo)
and brought home The Round-up !!
This is basically a "sampler" plate
of all the wonderful, creamy, chocolatey
yummy desserts Sugar Daddy offers.
What fun !!This little state of Texas is filled with creamy goodness
and covered in white chocolate.
My very favorite of all his creations
are the ones with chipolte.
WOW!! What surprising flavor...chocolate
combined with heat !
As it should be, I say. These little babies are called Buckshot. One perfect mouthful
that just explodes with flavor --
seriously, these chocolates are meant to be
savored, not chomped !
The big chocolates in the corners --
William's favorites,
they are filled with caramel
and pecans.

Okay !! It's ALL good !
And aren't they just beautiful.
Almost too pretty to eat. Almost.

While at Sugar Daddy's,
William was given these very pretty
roses to bring home for
our special day.

They are made of wood!
Isn't that crazy?
I love that!

And HERE is the Greek pizza I made, from scratch
for our dinner.
It turned out so very good!
I've never made "from scratch"
pizza dough before.
This was really pretty easy, but
truly not exceptional enough
to be worth the effort again.
I'll probably just go with the little
pouches you add water with
and mix and go.
BUT --- the toppings....
THAT was pretty spectacular.
Super simple!
Just a matter of throwing stuff on top:
a jar of pizza sauce
browned ground lamb
2 cups grated mozarella
2 cups baby spinach leaves
1 cup cocktail tomatoes, slice in half
1 can black olives, sliced
1 + cup crumbled feta cheese
1 medium red onion, in rings
a handful fresh basil, torn and thrown on
Bake 30-35 minutes or until crust is to your liking
and the cheeses are all melty.
Soooo good!
Give it a try !
Gwynie Pie

Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Girlfriend Luncheon

I totally enjoyed preparing a little lunch today for a couple of girlfriends
that I never get to visit with, and their children.
School starts in just a matter of a few days---
therefore, the plate of cool summer flip-flops
AND the plate of cool lemon squares for the girlfriends.

The rest of the menu included chicken salad on baby croissants, Asian salad,
veggies, and chips along with apple tea.

The kids played and ran and swam. And we girlfriends just sat and visited...
ahhhh --- lovely !! I had a wonderful time !

Gwynie Pie
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Tuesday, August 18, 2009

37th Anniversary

Today is our 37th wedding anniversary!

For dinner tonight, I made Greek pizza, from scratch,
in honor of the many pizzas (out of a box) that
William and I consumed during our dating years.

It turned out pretty great. I'll post the pictures and recipe

After dinner, we were looking at our wedding pictures and
I decided I had to post at least a couple of the "less goofy" ones.
These were actually taken by a professional photographer....
Yikes! As I recall -- he might
have been a wee might tipsy.

Well, crummy pictures aside -- we have been so very blessed!
We realize it is only by the grace of God and his mercy that
we can say we are more in love today, with each other AND
with Him, than ever before. We give Him all the glory and
praise for everything He has given.

Gwynie Pie
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Snapping out of it !

I stepped out of the dressing room, trying to quickly locate William so he could look and then I could dart back in and take this shirt off and try on the next item. I was only trying it on because he wanted me to. That and I absolutely loved it the minute I saw it hanging there. So, I figured “why not? I’m just trying it on for a couple of seconds.”
When I located him in the store and he saw me, his eyes just lit up and he said, “Baby, you look darlin’”.
Yes, he actually said that word “darlin’”. I know. I know.
Then I smiled lamely and said “ Well, but, you know….I mean, really…I can’t wear this…. I mean, for real now, this shirt doesn’t have any, you know… sleeves. It’s sleeveless. You know I can not show my upper arms in public. Oh but this top is soooo cute. I love it! (big sigh) Wish I could wear a shirt like this, but I can’t. So there. Moving on.” I head back into the dressing room.
He says “Yeah, well…we’re going to get it.”
Sharp intake of breath. “But, but, but….really….don’t you think….I mean, really… I do not want to be spending money on something I am never going to wear….really! Can‘t do it.”
“Well, we’re buying it. You can wear it. Or not. But you look really, really cute.”
As I stepped back into the dressing room, I was overwhelmed by an Oh. My. Gosh. Of the greatest magnitude. I was suddenly struck by the realization of all the many, many, many times in the past when I have allowed what I think other people MAY think stop me from doing something I really truly would like to do.
And I suddenly could see very clearly how many years I have wasted trying to please people I don’t even care about OR respect OR will ever see again for that matter. It made me sad. Very sad. And I might have just broken down and cried and eventually William might have had to get that nice saleslady to unlock the dressing room door so he could haul my butt out to the car and take my crying self home.
What happened instead of that very embarrassing scenario was this: I became very aware that I was, at that very exact moment, standing there in that dressing room, being given another chance. A chance to do some of those things I’ve never ever done before because “what would “they” think?”
I also was very convicted and ashamed of the fact that I have often put more importance on others opinions than on the opinion of the one human being I love and trust most on this whole entire earth --- the opinion of my husband.
I was overcome with embarassment because here I am griping about my out-of-shape upper arms and I’ve never once in all my years of fussing, looked at all the fantastic things my arms can do. I cook and clean and decorate, all things I love to do. I comfort and hug and hold babies, also things I totally enjoy. And I’m strong. I carry things and open jars and do hard work when necessary. My arms allow me to do all these things. They’re really pretty great.
I’m not even going to ask you if you do anything so silly as what I’ve just been describing. It just seems to be part of our human affliction as women that we listen to that voice that leads us to dissatisfaction with ourselves, the one that encourages us to compare ourselves to other women, the voice that would love to discourage us enough to convince us to just sit on the sidelines and watch our life go past.
What would happen if we just stopped listening to that voice? Just determine that you will not say or think another negative, derogatory thing about yourself. Then start taking captive every thought and head it off before it ever makes its way to your lips. Don’t say anything about yourself that God would not agree with. Wow! That pretty much takes care of all the yuck stuff !
I’m pretty sure we’d all be so much healthier -- physically, mentally and spiritually. And we would be such a positive role model to our own daughters, granddaughters and younger women who are looking to us to show them how to live well in this world.
Sooooo ----- I’m telling you all of this because something monumental is happening today. I am going out to lunch with some friends today. In a public restaurant. AND I’m wearing my cute new sleeveless top. It’s true! I’m going to go, visit with girlfriends, enjoy a meal, laugh a lot, maybe cry a little, catch up after the long, hot summer and then -- as we say goodbye, I’m going to give them a hug. With my 57 year old, not as tight as they used to be arms. And I’m going to have a spectacular day !
And I hope your day is spectacular as well.
Gwynie Pie

Monday, August 17, 2009

Mmmmm -- Cool

I felt it !!! This morning when I stepped out onto the back porch at 7-something I could feel just the barest hint
of Fall in the air.
Not full-blown, time to get out the Fall decor yet.
But, the air has changed a bit -- there is a slight coolness
that tell's me Summer is drawing to a close.
I'm always sad at the end of Summer -
cause I'm a Summer kind of girl
and I love it so.
But, ahhhh Fall -- delicious smells,
falling leaves, back-to-school,
family holidays, football --
I love Fall too !

And because I am in
such a Fall kind of mood today, I wanted to share
these Fall vignettes to get you in
Fall kind of mood too.
These are from last year -- I won't decorate for Fall
until after Labor Day.
Then it'll be full-tilt decorating
and of course,
I'll take pictures.
I decorated the dining table
first and then when I realized that as pretty as it was and as much as I loved it
there --- there was no room for the really important stuff ---
like FOOD !
Sooooo- I moved it all over to the buffet.
I love all those rich, warm colors.
I especially love the family picture
in the middle of it all 'cause
that is what life is all about --
whatever season it happens to be.
And now -- back to reality.
It's going to be about 100 here today.
That wonderful, cool Fall feeling will be gone
by 9:00.
And I'm planning on spending the last few afternoons
of Summer in the pool, soaking up the sun.
Hope you are having a spectacular Monday!
Gwynie Pie
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Friday, August 14, 2009


As you may remember from past posts, I love picture frames !
Not pictures....just the frames.
There is something so appealing to me about the frame -
some are beautifully ornate and some are very simple --
I just love them !
I've been doing some rearranging of my picture frame collection.
The sage green wall is the Before - in the living room.
The pictures of After is the newly painted dining room wall.
William's mom had the enormous frame, with picture, hanging in her home.
The frame is gorgeous
and has taken a prominent spot on our wall.

Does anyone else share my love of old and
empty frames? Such a quirky collection, huh?

Happy Friday !!

Gwynie Pie
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Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Okay, today by special request, I am sharing pictures of our hall bathroom.
The color of the walls is Oatmeal -- Lowe's cheapest brand. That is what I ask for when
I order a paint color. I find the little color paint chip I like and then ask for the "house brand"
in the cheapest form possible. Saves a TON of $$$ ---plus, I change paint long before
any crazy 5, 10, 15 yr. warranty would ever kick in, ya know what I mean....:)

The shower curtain is actually not a shower curtain at all since there isn't a shower behind that curtain.
Are ya keepin' up? Adding color, texture and interest, it was "born" to be a flat sheet - Ralph Lauren.
And I'm pretty sure I pinched it from my daughter's things a long time ago. I'm toying with the idea
of changing to something else ??? I just haven't settled on the something. I just love this look so much.

A collection of old family handmirrors hang in the corner by the light switch. A little "blast from the past".
And HERE is the crowning touch!
My husband and son Devin put this ripple tin ceiling up , at great risk of life and limb.
Well, maybe that's a little exaggeration. Their lives were never in danger.
Their limbs.....well, maybe..... cutting sheets of tin with a hand held shears
was an experience, for sure. There are easier ways, I'm sure.
Hindsight is great, huh?

The tin came off an old barn at the ranch -- we knocked the dirt off
and up it went.
Then they trimmed it around the ceiling with
pieces of old barn wood.
The ceiling just complements the rest of the room
so many people have commented on it
and loved it as well.

That's it !
A tour of my "powder room".

Happy Wednesday everyone !

Gwynie Pie
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Monday, August 10, 2009

Mama's Got A Brand New Bag

Old Bag
Brand NEW Bag !!!

and -----bottom of brand new bag !

If there is one thing I absolutely HATE ----
it is driving through the countryside
and seeing grocery store sacks
"decorating" the landscape.

So, I'm a big, big fan of "green" bags.
As soon as they came to our HEB,
I jumped on the bandwagon....
bought 10 of them.
(WHEN is the last time I bought enough
groceries to fill up TEN bags???I ask you???---uh, never!)
But I'm really good at jumping on a bandwagon !!!

I consistently was leaving them at home.
THEN I put them in the car, but I would be in the truck.
THEN I got the bags into the correct vehicle,
but would leave them right there,
in the backseat,
while I shopped.

NOW however --- I think I have sufficient
motivation to actually
use my "green" bags faithfully.
Now that my "green" bags are

You gotta love it !!
Well, you don't gotta love it ---
but IF you don't love it,
I don't wanna hear it!!!

Awwwww- just kiddin' with you !

Have a great Monday y'all !!

Gwynie Pie

Sunday, August 9, 2009

Wonderful Weekend

We have had such an enjoyable weekend !
The past several weeks
have been very busy and difficult and
somewhat stressful
we really needed the kind of weekend
this one has been.
Colin and Ronnie came to spend the weekend
and since we have had quite a lot of rain
and our grass, that normally is totally deprived of moisture
this time of year has been growing like craaaaaaazy ----
they both got pulled into our Saturday yardwork.
They pitched in and mowed and ran the weedeaters
And that was all after Colin and William set fire
to the big, big pile of tree limbs in the field,
that was just beyond the windmill.
I wanted a picture of that, but really -----
this all happened too very terribly early !!!
Sorry - no picture.
I'm not even sure the camera would work
at that hour on a Saturday morning
Chips and Dips at The Grill --
The kids wanted to take us out to eat Saturday night
and they had never been to The Grill,
a new funky and fun restaurant
in San Angelo.

The cheese dip is the consistency of pimento cheese,
except instead of mayo and pimentos, this has some
wonderfully, heavenly something???? holding it all
together and some other great stuff chopped up in it
and OH My Sweet Nellie ---- it is sooooooo good !!!It's THIS
good !!!!

No -- it's THIS good !
This is what I ordered --
the New Mexico burger with fries
Deeee-licious !!
It has grilled pablano peppers and a "special" sauce
along with all the usual burger stuff.
William had bbq chicken, mashed potatoes and
sauteed spinach.
Colin had enchiladas,
Ronnie has fish tacos
And we all had a great time !
Good Eats !!!!
Fun Times !!!!
Hoping your weekend was great !!!
Gwynie Pie

Saturday, August 8, 2009

Friday Night Dinner

After eating quick meals and salads and eating out more than
a few times in the last several days,
I decided it was time to cook again.
Kung Pao Country Ribs
Asian Coleslaw
Green Salad
Baked Potatoes
Cantaloupe Slices
Devil's Food Chocolate Cookies
Made into
Ice Cream Sandwiches
with some
Blue Belle Homemade Vanilla
5 lbs. country style pork ribs -- I used the boneless kind
2 packets Kung Pao seasoning
1 largest can of crushed, diced tomatoes
In pan with about 3 Tablespoons canola oil, sear the ribs for about 3-4 mins. on each side.
Layer ribs into crock pot. Sprinkle seasoning over, then pour can of tomatoes over all.
Cook on high for about 1 hour, then turn to low for the next 7 hours.
The tomatoes and seasoning makes a delicious marinade/gravy that would be good over rice.
1 bag broccoli coleslaw
2 packages Ramen noodles - Oriental seasoning
1 cup sunflower seeds, unsalted
1 cup slivered almonds, unsalted
3/4 cup canola or veggie oil
1/4 cup white vinegar - rice wine vinegar works nicely too
1/3 cup sugar
Both packets of seasoning from the noodles
Literally throw it all in a mixing bowl and mix it up.
1 devil's food cake mix
1 1/2 cups white or milk chocolate chips
1/2 cup vegetable or canola oil
2 eggs
1 tsp. vanilla
powdered sugar
Mix all ingredients except powdered sugar. Roll into balls, flatten a bit on a Pam sprayed pan. Bake for 8-12 mins. at 375. When cooled a bit, dust with powdered sugar.
Oh, yes --- these work super good with Blue Belle Homemade Vanilla if you want to make ice cream sandwiches.
I know everyone has their favorite method for baking potatoes. I usually microwave them.
Tonight, I did it Alton Brown's (Food Network star) way and I gotta say ---- WOW!! soooo gooooood!!!
After scrubbing the potatoes, dry thoroughly with paper towel, then oil them with
vegetable/canola oil. Roll each potato in coarse grain salt. I love Kosher salt because it has a flaky texture and works very well for this. Then - with a knife, poke 2 or 3 small holes in the top side of the potato.
I then placed the potatoes in a 9 by 13 pan and into a 375 oven for almost 2 hrs. (or until you can pierce easily with a knife or fork)
Well, that's it for Friday night food fest at the Rosser's.
Bon Apetite ~
Gwynie Pie

Friday, August 7, 2009

Tired ! But not too tired for Chokit.....

I'll get back to "normal" posting very soon....I'm missing it much.
Until then ....
Here's a little cute for you.....
That brown gooey??? Never fear ---- it's chocolate.
Lily Kate was sooooo exhausted --
she was literally in mid-bite of a Reese's when
sleep overtook her
she dropped like a rock
right where she stood.

Look at her little toes -- she was even in mid-step
when she just couldn't go anymore.
What a darlin' !!
Gwynie Pie

Tuesday, August 4, 2009

Loving the rain !

This is the "welcome" verse at the front door
of our house.
A few weeks ago I selected this verse,
thinking more about
"the storehouse of His bounty"
part of the verse,
and the abundance of my life
and how the LORD
has blessed us,
than the
"send rain on your land"
part of the verse.
as always in this dry part of the world,----
we've been praying for rain !
We'll take it, whenever it comes....and
for it !!
Soooo, how cool is it that He has blessed
us with such wonderful
rains !!!
Everything that is supposed to be green --- IS !!!
For West Texas in August,
that's saying a whole lot !
What a GREAT God we have !
Gotta go mow ---
Gwynie Pie