Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Okay, today by special request, I am sharing pictures of our hall bathroom.
The color of the walls is Oatmeal -- Lowe's cheapest brand. That is what I ask for when
I order a paint color. I find the little color paint chip I like and then ask for the "house brand"
in the cheapest form possible. Saves a TON of $$$ ---plus, I change paint long before
any crazy 5, 10, 15 yr. warranty would ever kick in, ya know what I mean....:)

The shower curtain is actually not a shower curtain at all since there isn't a shower behind that curtain.
Are ya keepin' up? Adding color, texture and interest, it was "born" to be a flat sheet - Ralph Lauren.
And I'm pretty sure I pinched it from my daughter's things a long time ago. I'm toying with the idea
of changing to something else ??? I just haven't settled on the something. I just love this look so much.

A collection of old family handmirrors hang in the corner by the light switch. A little "blast from the past".
And HERE is the crowning touch!
My husband and son Devin put this ripple tin ceiling up , at great risk of life and limb.
Well, maybe that's a little exaggeration. Their lives were never in danger.
Their limbs.....well, maybe..... cutting sheets of tin with a hand held shears
was an experience, for sure. There are easier ways, I'm sure.
Hindsight is great, huh?

The tin came off an old barn at the ranch -- we knocked the dirt off
and up it went.
Then they trimmed it around the ceiling with
pieces of old barn wood.
The ceiling just complements the rest of the room
so many people have commented on it
and loved it as well.

That's it !
A tour of my "powder room".

Happy Wednesday everyone !

Gwynie Pie
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