Monday, August 10, 2009

Mama's Got A Brand New Bag

Old Bag
Brand NEW Bag !!!

and -----bottom of brand new bag !

If there is one thing I absolutely HATE ----
it is driving through the countryside
and seeing grocery store sacks
"decorating" the landscape.

So, I'm a big, big fan of "green" bags.
As soon as they came to our HEB,
I jumped on the bandwagon....
bought 10 of them.
(WHEN is the last time I bought enough
groceries to fill up TEN bags???I ask you???---uh, never!)
But I'm really good at jumping on a bandwagon !!!

I consistently was leaving them at home.
THEN I put them in the car, but I would be in the truck.
THEN I got the bags into the correct vehicle,
but would leave them right there,
in the backseat,
while I shopped.

NOW however --- I think I have sufficient
motivation to actually
use my "green" bags faithfully.
Now that my "green" bags are

You gotta love it !!
Well, you don't gotta love it ---
but IF you don't love it,
I don't wanna hear it!!!

Awwwww- just kiddin' with you !

Have a great Monday y'all !!

Gwynie Pie

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