Sunday, August 9, 2009

Wonderful Weekend

We have had such an enjoyable weekend !
The past several weeks
have been very busy and difficult and
somewhat stressful
we really needed the kind of weekend
this one has been.
Colin and Ronnie came to spend the weekend
and since we have had quite a lot of rain
and our grass, that normally is totally deprived of moisture
this time of year has been growing like craaaaaaazy ----
they both got pulled into our Saturday yardwork.
They pitched in and mowed and ran the weedeaters
And that was all after Colin and William set fire
to the big, big pile of tree limbs in the field,
that was just beyond the windmill.
I wanted a picture of that, but really -----
this all happened too very terribly early !!!
Sorry - no picture.
I'm not even sure the camera would work
at that hour on a Saturday morning
Chips and Dips at The Grill --
The kids wanted to take us out to eat Saturday night
and they had never been to The Grill,
a new funky and fun restaurant
in San Angelo.

The cheese dip is the consistency of pimento cheese,
except instead of mayo and pimentos, this has some
wonderfully, heavenly something???? holding it all
together and some other great stuff chopped up in it
and OH My Sweet Nellie ---- it is sooooooo good !!!It's THIS
good !!!!

No -- it's THIS good !
This is what I ordered --
the New Mexico burger with fries
Deeee-licious !!
It has grilled pablano peppers and a "special" sauce
along with all the usual burger stuff.
William had bbq chicken, mashed potatoes and
sauteed spinach.
Colin had enchiladas,
Ronnie has fish tacos
And we all had a great time !
Good Eats !!!!
Fun Times !!!!
Hoping your weekend was great !!!
Gwynie Pie

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  1. Hi, just wanted to stop by to say how much I've enjoyed your posts. Thank you !