Tuesday, August 31, 2010

It's a ...it's a.....What the heck is it???

I LOVE this thing.

I don't know it's proper name,
but isn't it just so cute???

A piece of equipment used by grain farmers,
this is a hopper, a grain trailer....
there is an auger involved
and it is pulled into the field
where grain harvest is going on.

There -- the combine comes by and fills
it up and from there the
"spout" there on the side
shoots out the grain
into a truck that takes the grain
to the gin to be sold.


don't you think it looks like a character
from Star Wars???


Actually, when I spot these things out in fields
I always think of
giraffes !

All it would take is a can of brown spray paint
and a really, good dark night
voila ----

some lucky farmer could be pulling
a giraffe trailer to the gin.

Who's with me????


Gwynie Pie
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