Tuesday, August 31, 2010

It's a ...it's a.....What the heck is it???

I LOVE this thing.

I don't know it's proper name,
but isn't it just so cute???

A piece of equipment used by grain farmers,
this is a hopper, a grain trailer....
there is an auger involved
and it is pulled into the field
where grain harvest is going on.

There -- the combine comes by and fills
it up and from there the
"spout" there on the side
shoots out the grain
into a truck that takes the grain
to the gin to be sold.


don't you think it looks like a character
from Star Wars???


Actually, when I spot these things out in fields
I always think of
giraffes !

All it would take is a can of brown spray paint
and a really, good dark night
voila ----

some lucky farmer could be pulling
a giraffe trailer to the gin.

Who's with me????


Gwynie Pie
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  1. I agree, Ms. Gwyn!!! Looks like a giraffe! :)

  2. This is so funny. As the blog was pulling up and I saw the picture (before reading anything) I thought to myself that it looked like a giraffe. I love giraffes and we are blessed to live in Africa and see them often. They are amazing animals. When you come for a visit we will take you the game park here in Polokwane and you can actually walk on a trail. When Mark's mom was here we went for a drive through the park and saw the giraffes (around 10 or so) Mark stopped and we noticed that we were right beside the walking trail... so we got out and walked within 20 yards of these giraffes. It was great. Anyway, you post/pic reminded me of that day and how blessed we are to serve God here in Africa! Miss you guys