Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Still tearing around......

Continuing on from the last post................Here is the other cabinet, cleaned out and everything accessible.

Now, all of this stuff laying on the cabinet (minus the pretties, of course) is out of
just one kitchen drawer.

Everything back in it's place, easy to use, easy to find.
Looks good.

THIS is the pile of "left-overs" that are going away.
This entire kitchen project --
the pantry, the kitchen cabinets and
this drawer--
took just a little over an hour -
start to finish.
Here's my method for superfast cleaning,
whether it's cleaning house or
organizing drawers, closets, cabinets.
1. Set a timer. Decide how long it should take you
THEN set the timer for
several minutes less.
Push yourself to see how fast you can clean
that drawer, cabinet or closet.
For me, it's all about beating the clock.
And I AM going to win !!!
2. Keep with you one box for "give-aways",
another box for "this goes somewhere else",
a trash bag for "throw-aways".
3. Don't dawdle! Never pick up one item at a time. Never
take time to "think" about each item -- where you got it,
who gave it to you, or wonder what else you could use it for.
Move, move, move !!!
4. Clean out every single item from the space you are
This give you a clean "canvas" to work with.
5. Be ruthless when you are deciding to keep, pitch or
give away.
I can not stress this one thing enough !!! --
and I quote my daughter, Dana on this --
"If something doesn't bless your life,
out it goes. Let it bless someone else's".
6. Don't bite off more than you can chew !
If you have only 30 minutes to work on
a cleaning project, set your goal for a
30 minute achievement.
Don't set out to clean an entire closet in
30 minutes.
Instead, set out to clean just one shelf in
that closet. Or just one drawer in the
kitchen. Or one shelf in the pantry.
7. When the timer goes off, S T O P !!
and set the timer again for 15 minutes
and go get something refreshing
to drink or have a snack.
When the timer goes off signaling the end
of break time, jump up and get back
in there ---
you are on a quest and
you gotta keep pushing yourself
toward the goal.
8. At the end of the day -- be proud of whatever
you have accomplished. Pat yourself on the back!
You have achieved much !
Just want to leave you with a restful picture from my kitchen
after all that chaos earlier.
I sooooo wish you could smell the aroma
of this Paula Deen candle.
It is "creme brulee" scented and in the store
it did indeed smell just like creme brulee.
When it burns though, it smells like.....
this is really funny, considering it's from
Paula..... frying bacon.
It does!!! bacon with just a hint of maple.
HA!! now THAT'S funny !!!
Gwynie Pie


  1. Hi,
    I'm savvycityfarmer's sister and I don't click on many comments, but you had me @ hello and then I clicked when I saw @ The Pink Tractor. I can't stay too long today, but I'll be back for sure! God bless.

  2. I LOVE your tractor! Thanks for stopping by!