Saturday, June 13, 2009

Ready for Summer Fun

I've had good intentions since about April, but finally yesterday finished getting the screened back porch ready for summer fun. Here's the rocking area next to the back door --- perfect to sit in the mornings with my Bible and a cup of coffee. A great place to begin the day !
Across from the rockers is this sitting area. The heavier -than -lead, sure -to -give -you -a- hernia, table was made by my Mamaw. The frame is iron and the tabletops are tiles set in concrete !! Concrete !!! She designed the mosaic tile layout and it says "Rodeo Motel". They owned a motor court on Oakes Street in San Angelo by the same name. I love this table so much!
They always had it out in their yard under the pecans trees where they sat and watched the world go by.................The old door wedged in there between the screened wall and the futon is the front door off my grandparents old house. AND it was William's idea to put it there....I must give credit where it's due, you know. I think it looks really cute there.
At the other end of the long porch is the eating area. I just found some candles I had in a drawer that were all in the same color, sort of, and put them in some old containers I also had hanging around. The stack of saucers serve as coasters for sweaty summer drinks.
The old punched tin chandelier is one of those things that just never worked anywhere in my house, ever. I "inherited" it when my mother moved into a patio home and had to pare down her belongings. But I never really had THE place for the thing. It's been in every garage sale I've had over the last five years and then it would go back to the barn to wait for the next one. had a place to belong. It is just perfect hanging over this old bent bamboo table. It gives off just a soft glow at night. Enough to eat and visit by....soft and cozy. I'm soooo glad I no one ever wanted it.
Well, that's the back porch tour. Come sit and visit with me. We could rock and drink sweet tea and solve the problems of the world.
It'd be fun !
Gwynie Pie

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  1. I LOVE, LOVE, LOVE the Bledsoe grocery store sign!! I heard about that store many times from my grandmother!