Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Seasons - I love 'em ALL

As I was vacuuming the pool last night and William was doing some yard work ---- Yes, I see you smiling....I was too working hard ! I was !!! back to my story .... We were talking about how long summer seems when it stretches out in front of you and then by the 4th of July, it seems to just evaporate. And before you know it, it's Fall. I mourn over this every single year, because I am a summer girl ! I have always had a love affair with summer and all that it brings :

* warmer weather

* swimming in the pool every day

* floating rivers

* picnics

* weinee roasts

* Coppertone --I've been known to buy Coppertone in the dead of winter just for the smell---ahhhh

* fireworks

* Memorial Day and 4th of July celebrations

* vacations

* beaches and seashells

* eating meals on the back porch

* summer vegetable gardens

* and oh so much more !!!!

I LOVE summer !!!!

And THEN -- there's Fall !! I do love Fall ! Ummmmm.............

Fall smells so good.

Leaves falling.

All the world is getting to rest awhile.

Then ---- --- there is Winter.

and I am pretty fond of Winter.
Winter always gives way to Spring. And I do love Spring !

New leaves,

New life everywhere.

Yeah, I do like Spring!

'cause Spring always brings you back to

Summer !!!

Okay, okay ---- I like 'em ALL !!! And not only because I get to change the

decor with every season. Sometimes, I change it all up

for no reason at all !!

Just because !!

Bottom line is this --

I just love life

and every season

brings something fun and something new.

Life is pretty great !

I do hope you enjoy your Summer!

Gwynie Pie

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  1. I do love summer too - trips to the beach, dips in the pool, and longer days. but the smells of fall are my favorite - pumpkin spice!! Yummm....Winter is fun, b/c you get to bundle up on the couch and drink hot chocolate, and spring is great b/c the flowers come out to bloom!!! :) I love them all too!