Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Updates & Random Thoughts

Tonight begins Week 3 of our summer Ladies Bible Study,
Discerning the Voice of God
Priscilla Shirer
I really love doing a bible study like this for many reasons:
1. I love God's Word and learning from it
2. I need to be held accountable to stay on course.
3. I need this "ammunition" in order to live life better
today than yesterday.
4. I truly love knowing that the LORD keeps on working with me,
keeps on pressing, pulling, pushing,
That's the BEST part !
That's also the HARDEST part !
Priscilla says it this way "When we become Christians, the Holy Spirit
begins to sanctify us and change our personalities to suit His design.
We assist in the process of conforming to His image through
obedience to His Word."
And that brings me to the next "update" --
As of this morning -
I have lost a total of 9 pounds !!!
Finally -- the scale moved.
It took over 2 1/2 weeks of denying myself all kinds of good
(tasting) foods to get the thing to budge.
And I learned some important things during these few days.
1. God loves me! Okay, I already knew that. But it's so affirming
to have that love shown in yet another way.
2. It really is all about God's sanctifying work in our lives.
The only time in the history of the world that God
didn't continue to "work" on a child of His,
was with His own child, Christ, who was
The rest of us ---- when we accept Christ as our Savior,
the sanctification process begins.
God loves us so, so much that He isn't going to overlook our
flaws and our rough spots and our sins.
He isn't going to leave us like He found us !
Praise you, LORD!
He's committed to us. He wants to see us
"conformed to the image of Christ",
Romans 8:29
Now, THAT is beyond cool !!!!!
3. I really CAN do all things through Christ who gives me strength !!
Philippians 4:13
4. Losing weight really is so much about obedience.
Making His desires for me, my desires for me.
AND desiring it enough to deny myself a momentary "taste-treat"
in order to reap the desired results at a later time.
Guatemala Trip Update
William got back from his week to Guatemala. The team of 16 people built
houses for four widows and their children.
They also helped at the feeding centers, played with the children
and delivered clothes, shoes, food and toys.
The work was very physical, but
the extreme altitude was a real physical challenge as well.
All those West Texas flat-landers were breathing some
very thin air !
William came home with a stomach bug and was flat down, laid out
in bed until Sunday morning.
This, of course, miffed me so! :)
I was looking forward to talking and visiting with him and
hearing all about the trip, but....
So, this week he has felt much better and I'm just now
hearing all about the trip.
Great stuff ! God is good!
The only pictures we've seen from the trip are on Facebook and I can't figure
how to get them off there and onto my computer.
BUT --- pictures will be posted soon.
Guatemala is a breath-takingly beautiful country!
You'll love seeing the pictures.
Well, that's it for the "updates" --
I'm off to help get ready for a big Hospice of San Angelo garage sale
event this Friday night and Saturday.
It's hot and dusty where we'll be working
and no potty and no a/c ! Yikes!!
Have a great Wednesday !!!
Gwynie Pie

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