Thursday, June 18, 2009

Cousin Toyah got to my house around noon on Monday and just left for her home in Kerrville
a couple hours ago.
I really didn't even realize how much I needed this 3-day slumber party.
And that's pretty much what it was too.
We stayed up late, late, late -- went to bed at 3 a.m. one night.
We ate just what and when we wanted.
We made a pot of coffee every night at about 9
(decaf, of course)
and drank it with cream and sugar until the pot was empty.
One night -- I suddenly remembered the recipe for
cinnamon bites that I posted some time ago,
and since we had all the stuff --
we made them.
And then ate them - all !!!!
We spent the hottest afternoon this week at the ABA barns....
some of the best antiquey, junky, flea-markety stuff
in town....well worth the "melt-down" we endured wandering
around huge metal and un-air-conditioned barns.
We just moved from fan to fan.
Looked at everything and had a blast !
We went to Paula Sue's for dinner
one night with my mother (the above pic is my mother and Toyah)
and had a nice visit and meal with her.
Toyah went to Wednesday ladies bible study with me.
It was really good and she got to meet a few of my friends.
They all "know" Cousin Toyah already even if they've never met
her. I talk about her and our growing up
shenanigans a lot !!
This week with Toyah has been such a treat for me.
I think I really just needed a little break
from the usual. And, as a busy pastor's wife,
I know Toyah needed a little "no pressures" break as well.
There was no pressure to keep up with a schedule of any kind.
We just did what was relaxing and fun !
I think I'll take the rest of today to clean, change sheets and vacuum
and get the house ready for Colin and Ronnie
to visit this weekend
AND for William's return on Friday night.
Gwynie Pie

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  1. What a great table your Mamaw made in a post below!
    All I have that my Mamaw made is one of her aprons. Looks like it was made from a flour sack. She trimmed it out with red/white striped fabric.