Monday, June 29, 2009

Summertime and the livin' is easy

Rather, the livin' will be easy.... as soon as I get my house back together
AND get the mountain of laundry done
AND get all the dishes washed
AND change sheets on beds
AND mow and weedeat
AND vacuum the carpets
AND plan meals for the week
AND buy groceries
AND okay so --
Maybe the livin' ain't so easy at this very moment
on this bright and shiny Monday morning.
But, it's gonna get that way fast,
company's comin' !!!!
Dana and Lily Kate will be here Tuesday,
Blake follows on Thursday after work.
Colin and Ronnie are arriving Thursday evening
Devin is hoping to join us either Thursday or Friday.
THAT = a full house, lots of fun,
and the livin' will be easy !
This weekend will be chock full of July 4th
fun with the annual Pops Concert at
the Riverstage downtown.
We've missed the last couple of years
but are excited to go this year with the whole family.
Then Saturday afternoon we are all working at
a wonderful, family fun time
that is sponsored by our church.
This will be held at Colt Stadium
and the fireworks that end the evening
are absolutely great !!!
There will be a world-renowned illusionist
earlier in the evening....
hmmm??? how'd they do that???
So fun !!! and so baffling!!!
We are soooo looking forward to the week.
I just have a few things to do first,
'scuse me, gotta run, talk later.....
What does your week look like?
How are you celebrating the 4th of July????
Super Productive Monday to you all,
Gwynie Pie

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  1. We're having a bash at our church on the 1st! Hooray! I love you, Miss Gwyn!