Sunday, December 19, 2010

...all around the house.....

What a very busy time of the year!
It just seems like the days are whipping past...
way too fast.

I'm busy, just as many of you are with....
finishing with the decorating
(and since Christmas is in less than ONE week,
I need to either do it or forget it),
cleaning the house,
planning the menus.

I have only about 10 chapters of Ezekiel
and the book of Daniel
left to read and I will have
completed my goal of reading through the Bible this year.

Tomorrow through Friday
I think I'll skip over to the N.T.
and read the book of Luke prior to
I love the "Christmas Story"!

I have really enjoyed reading through the entire Bible in a year.
It has given some daily direction to my life....
both discipline, to just do it daily...
actual counsel
and guidance to my daily life.

I am way excited about some goals I am setting for 2011.
Can you believe it's the year Two Thousand and Eleven ???
That's just amazing to me!

I want to read through the Bible again in 2011,
just with a different version.

Also, at the urging of our kids, we bought
a book called....
"Operation World".

This book directs you in praying for the world--
country by country
so that over the course of one year
you end up praying for every single country
around the world!
Check it out on Amazon if you're interested.

So - praying for every country during 2011 is
another of my goals.

My husband and I would very much love to go to Guatemala
on a mission trip in September.

Honestly, that is going to require me to "get serious"!!!
about improving my physical condition.
I look in the mirror sometimes and wonder
"who is that woman?",
feeling so far from the energetic and much thinner and
in shape woman I used to be.

If you are lead to do so ----please pray for me,
as I embark on a more disciplined eating plan
and try to throw some physical exercise in there too.

It's not an easy thing to "find yourself", ya know?
or at least find who you know God intends you to become.

I find I'm waaaaay excited about the coming Christmas weekend.

I am looking forward --
to a shorter work week.

I am looking forward--
to Christmas Eve candlelight service on Friday night.

I am looking forward--
to spending some "quiet time" in front of the fireplace,
listening to some good Christmas music.

I am looking forward--
to watching
It's a Wonderful Life,
Christmas Story,
Home Alone,
White Christmas
Christmas Vacation

Most of all -----
I am looking forward--
to this week of anticipating
the celebration of the birth of The Savior.

I was reminded today at church ----

as we celebrate the birth of The Savior,
let's not forget that the reason He was born,
the reason He came to earth at all.....
was to!

The King of Kings
came to earth as a baby in order
to die on a cross 33 years later....
for me.
and you.
To pay a debt we could never pay.

Because He loves us so!

Amazing love!

May your week be filled with excited
"looking forwards".

Gwynie Pie
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  1. Wishing you a Merry Christmas and a wonderful New Year!