Monday, March 23, 2009

Me and My Peeps !!!!

GOOD MONDAY MORNING !!!!! I went to Walmart this weekend and found the Easter aisle, which usually, I'd have passed by. However, as I glanced down the aisle I saw very, very bright spots of violent spring color and had to go investigate.

Well -- the Peeps were out in force --- and in the most spectacular colors ever. I bought some Peeps chicks and bunnies(in pink) to use on top of cupcakes I'll be making for the ladies group that is coming for coffee and a visit on April 2. I have a whole "pink" Spring theme going on for that event that I think will be very cute.

But, there were also Peeps in the traditional bright yellow, a brilliant orange and also in a couple other colors. So fun! I always have to have Peeps at Easter. I'll have the one in my hot chocolate this morning. And maybe one more. Then I'm done with them. I don't love them. It's just my own personal tradition, I guess....

Anyway, much to do this week getting ready for the ladies group. Really the house is in need of a lot of just sprucing up for Spring and the ladies group coming is just the push I need to get me motivated and up and moving.

So, from me and my Peeps -- have a great Monday!!!!

Gwynie Pie

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  1. mmmmm!! I LOVE peeps they are my all time favorite!!