Friday, March 20, 2009


HAPPY FIRST DAY OF SPRING!!!!!!! Seems a "trend" is emerging -- instead of Spring cleaning, I'm hearing a lot about Spring Fluffing!!! I like it! Same concept, but with a twist, I guess......Fluffing, I can get into that!! Since I am about to do some serious Spring Fluffing, I thought I'd show you some "befores". I have 2 weeks until a ladies group from out of town will be having dessert and coffee with me, so I've got to get fluffing....and fast!! The above picture is in our bedroom. And that lovely armoire was a freebie!!! Can you believe it??? The mother-in-law of my daughter's sister-in-law --- (keep up!)--- was sending it, along with literally a truck load of other delightful items, to the Salvation Army store and we found out about it and .... well, we did an intervention. NO...we didn't hijack the Sally truck. Might have. But, it didn't come to that. I've always wanted an armoire.......
Master bedroom -- the ancient German farm table was made for my great-grandparents as a wedding present, by a man who helped them on their farm. It was made in 1898 !!!! I adore this table! It's been everywhere -- in every room of the house and on the back porch as well.
Another shot of the farm table with perfumes and jewelry and other treasures.
Sitting area of the bedroom -- cute little aqua, wicker chair was my mother's when she was little. And the double screen doors came off the old Mereta general store that my grandparents ran for-ev-er!!!

This bookcase is really two bookcases that William put together. They are hiding a perfectly useless window. Much better use of the space, I think. The bookcases were built many years ago by my Daddy and I remember them being used as a room divider between the kitchen and living room.
Top of fridge--------nothing noteworthy here. Except, I think the lamp is totally sweet. I got it years ago at Target, of all places, and I've never seen a lamp like it since -- at Target or elsewhere.
In the living room -- I've had these old picture frames on this wall for a long time now. And I really ought to shake things up and move them -- but I just love the look! It is somehow soothing to me.......don't know what that says......nothing deeply psychological, I'm pretty sure........hmmmm??? ------ a bunch of old, empty picture what could that mean...? The rest is a compilation of old German postcards, one from a cousin who was in a prison camp in Colorado. Also collected turkey feathers, glass door knobs, an old leather calendar, a lacy-edged baby pillowcase and that is a very, very old copy of Alice in Wonderland. Just a bit of my mish-mash!
Also in living room -------------this old window came out of the church of my childhood. The church building was no longer in use, in fact, it was pretty much falling down when I sent William and a child to steal -- uh, I mean, re-locate -- the window to my living room. Seriously, the building was torn down soon after. I consider it a rescue really. That window would have ended up in a landfill ----or worse!! someone else's living room!!!
The corner of the fireplace hearth------------that's a stack of all our family Bibles and various other smaller Bibles -- all tattered and worn. I seriously love this!!!! The top Bible is one that was given to my Daddy before he left for WWII. It has a steel front and is inscribed "The Lord Be With You". That always makes me cry.
I keep the nativity out year 'round. It's pretty old, from our seminary days, and it just "speaks" to me. I found the funeral fan in a box of old, old stuff of my grandparents. It folds up to one-third the size so you can carry it in your purse, I guess. It's very cool -- har har! get it??
Well, that was a partial house tour. Thanks for visiting with me today. I'll keep you posted on my progress.
Happy Spring Fluffing to you all --
Gwynie Pie

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  1. I love it ALL. There is so much history in your home and it thrills my heart. I'd love to come out and look around one day. I just love you. I want to be like you one day. ;)