Tuesday, April 14, 2009

We had a really wonderful Easter !
We had 11 people here for lunch after church Sunday and the meal was great !
William was in charge of the brisket and it was
superb! I made potato salad,
deviled eggs and fruit salad
and some bread and
some other stuff. Don't really remember now.
OH, and some de-lish-us ! coleslaw!
I had no clue what I was doing, coleslaw wasn't even on the menu but when I went to the fridge to gather everything
up I grabbed a bag of shredded cabbage and
made some "killer coleslaw". Mind you, no one else even commented on it.....SO, it may have been yuck
BUT ......I loved it !!!
I was a bit delirious though, so my "facts"
might be a little off.........
Here is where I should tell you that I have been pretty sick for
the last 6 days, complete with fever, chills and all that
super exciting stuff that totally missed me back in the
fall and winter. And here is the thing with me
and fever --- a little
fever goes a long way.
Even a small amount of fever makes
me kind of loopy, goofy, a tish bit delirious --
just not thinking straight !!
(and THAT explains the random bag of cabbage!)
As soon as I spray painted those paper mache eggs Weds, I knew I was in trouble.
By Weds. night I was in full blown bronchitis mode, sucking on an inhaler, downing the Airborne and Mucinex
and praying, praying, praying I hadn't really just messed up
the whole Easter weekend.
I missed church, which I just hated to do, because I especially love Easter services!!
AND prior to that I had a pretty good fever brewing and THE WORST coughing you have ever heard !!
No kidding !!! So painful I thought I might have
cracked ribs or punctured lungs or busted arteries!!
I'm laughing now, BUT
I have learned my lesson about spray painting ! and here it is:
wear protective breathing gear when
spray painting !!!
I have felt pretty awful, but I'm recovering today.
If I was a braver woman, I'd take pictures of the absolute "carnage" in my kitchen and dining room !
It's a far cry from the cutesy, neatsy, sweetsy
(well-staged) pictures I usually post of the house.
William wanted to do the dishes last night but I whined and cried (whoo-boy, I'm rotten when I feel bad!)
until he came and sat down by me for a while.
I needed him beside me far more than I
needed or wanted the kitchen clean.
It'll get there !!
When all was said and done -- it was still a really Great Easter!There's nothing anyone could ever do to
mess that up.
Happy Tuesday, y'all !!
Gwynie Pie

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  1. Hey lady, so sorry to hear you are/were under the weather. I saw your middle one and his new wife at Cato's shopping for Easter Dresses the other day. I had all the boys in the car waiting while I ran in to shop so I didn't get to chat much! I found the cutest skirt and blouse though! Have you ever shopped there? They are WONDERFUL!