Friday, June 5, 2009

Camp Pops 'n Pie

It's almost time, once again, for Camp Pops 'n Pie !!! We've been talking about what fun we're going to have this year. Last year was great! Lily Kate is our only camper so far. But we're certain there will be more as the years go by. What a fun time we had last year. Pops takes the week off work and we just play the whole time.

Here we are having mani/pedi day.

Lily Kate is a great helper and wanted to rinse the dishes.
She's also a really good cook. She loves to help put the meal together.
Wonder where she gets that ??

Lily Kate and Pops went for a long walk every morning after breakfast while Pie straightened up the house a bit.
Checking out the peach crop. And as the summer went on, WOW! Did she love those peaches!

Stopping off at our neighbor's field to visit with Trouble was a regular stop on their walk.

We got out my old metal doll baby bed and high chair for Lily Kate's baby to sleep and eat.

She needed to try it out first.
Yep, that's pretty comfy.

Every day we went out to the pool to "jump watti". Lily Kate is a little fish and loves being in the water.

Lily Kate and I were eating some potato chips and well....I guess I taught her a bad thing....a very bad thing!
"Hey look! See food!" Mercy, what kind of grandmother am I????

We went in to town one day to visits the Grands and to eat pizza at Double Dave's. Yummmm!

Lily Kate loves my toaster oven and "cooks" all kinds of delicious pink and purple playdough cookies in there.

"Oh man. I'm tired! Somebody take me home so I can get some rest.
Pops and Pie are wearing me out!"

So, that's some of last years pictures from camp. This year camp will be July 8 thru 12. We are already making plans -- lots of swimming,
probably some more neighborhood walks. We'll visit the Grands too. Also, we are going to take a little trip down to Sonora to visit Ronnie and Colin (and Jigs and Chrissy and Ranger). Looking forward to the 2nd Annual Camp Pop 'n Pie. This year maybe we'll get t-shirts made......
Gwynie Pie

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  1. What a great idea!!! I love it and had to share it with my husband!!! You are making memories with Lilly that she will remember forever!!!