Tuesday, June 2, 2009

Tuesday !!

Here it is 5:53 on Tuesday afternoon
I feel like I'm really just getting started
with all the things I wanted to accomplish today.
I've worked all day long at something, but turns out much of my "work"
is not visible to the naked, untrained eye.
It's all been "undercover" kind of work, I guess.
At least that's what I'm claiming.....
Here's just a sampling of what I did today --
* I started off in the kitchen this morning.
There were no less than 2 yards of dishes to wash. I measure this by how much space
they take up on the counter top when they are drying.
'bout 2 yards worth.
Just cleaning the kitchen always makes me feel like I'm almost done -- no matter how
much more is left to do.
* Went searching in my closet (the biggest closet in the house) for items for the
yard sale this weekend.
You practically need a passport to go in this thing -- it's pretty cavernous.
It isn't as luxurious as it sounds. :)
Actually, it gives "walk-in" closets a bad name.
My clothes closet holds all our luggage,
2 Christmas trees - no kidding - a 4 ft. tree and a lighted 6 ft. tree.
Of course, it isn't lighted while in the closet.
You knew that!,
the feather beds,
all manner of partly full and completely full paint cans.
I keep the paint cans in the house so the paint won't freeze and
be useless after spending the the winter out in the barn.
There isn't any other place indoors for the paint --- so, my closet, it is.
Also in this closet is all of my clothes, shoes, purses; all winter outerwear;
the footspa and all mani/pedi stuff; AND
a chest of drawers. And that's really just a partial listing.
I really have to psych-up for searching the closet!
I must be brave!
But, I came out with a big box full of
yard sale items. AND the closet is all straightened up
and neat.
* It was "fresh sheet" day yesterday, but that didn't happen, soooo-
today I took sheets off our bed and washed them -
then took them out to the clothesline to line-dry them
in the sun -- ummmmm!
Only just as i got the big, heavy flat sheet muscled over the line and
all spread out and clothespinned down,
an E-nor-mous !!! whirlwind hit!
I probably would have been knocked to the ground
except that the sheet whipped around me, grabbed me up and trapped me!
By that time, I'm talking to myself.
AND to the sheet.
And I just give up,
fight my way out of the sheet,
wrestle the sheet off the line
and take all the wet clothes back inside
to the dryer, muttering the whole way.
BUT ---
being very thankful for my "servant girl",
the dryer.
* In addition to the sheets, I've washed
and dried 4 more loads of clothes today
with a couple more waiting in the wings.
* While cleaning off my desk and computer area today, I stumbled upon a bill from
the electric company.
In my busyness of the last couple weeks, I had neglected paying it on time
and was perilously close to sitting in a dark, hot house tonight.
I tell ya -- bills and the paperwork that goes with them, that
is my Achilles heel.
I would love someone to teach me a great system
for this on-going, never-ending chore.
Anyway, I paid the bill on-line. It's so quick and easy to do.
But then I was afraid
it might not go through immediately -- you know how things
sometimes go. So -- I spent at least 30 minutes
of my life "on hold" to talk to
a real human, so that I could make
certain they knew I had made a payment.
They knew.
* I folded more white bath towels today than I even knew we had.
I love white towels !!! You can bleach the dickens out of 'em
and know they are truly clean. We just had a bunch of
dirties, I guess!
Not any more!!
* The aforementioned white sheets that assaulted me about the head and neck
are dried and back on the bed. Ahhhhh!
I love white sheets !!!!
AND clean sheet day is just the best !
They will feel wonderful by bedtime tonight.
* I remembered to take the pork chops out of the freezer - yeah !!!
Then pan fried them for dinner tonight. I made brown sugar glazed carrots and
brocolli to go with them.
We are trying to eat "low-fat", counting those
pesky fat grams.
I'm trying to stay around 20 grams of fat each day
and I gotta say --
I'm a tish bit cranky!
You probably couldn't even tell that.
Why, oh why, can't losing weight be easier?????
* In addition to all of this,
I tidied the rest of the house.
Tidy, tidy, tidy
Love that word!
My kids hated that word!
Probably because I was always urging them to
"Tidy up your room."
Tidy, tidy, tidy!
* Now - William is home, dinner is eaten -- very yummy!
and we are heading out to the barn
to drag out stuff for
the BIG yard sale
on Saturday !!!!
Our goal is to make a little money for his upcoming trip to Guatemala
to be able to park at least one car in the
two-car garage
next time there is bad weather
in the area.
If you are in need of something
in particular....
just ask,
I'll tell......
Sure do hope you had a productive day as well !
Whew, I'm kinda tired....
Gwynie Pie

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