Saturday, July 18, 2009

Friday Decorating

Yesterday was super hot, as most every day has been lately.
But, yesterday was unique in that it was the first day in several
when I was here at the house all alone and with
nowhere to be, nothing else to do....ahhhhhh
Soooo --- I decorated !
Honestly, a day of decorating, moving things around,
cleaning as I go -- that's almost like a
Spa Day for me !!
I LOVE IT !!!!
Here are some of the little vignettes around
the house after I got through ---
MMMMM ----- a stack of vintage tablecloths and
old faded flour sacks
Just waiting to be used for a picnic or on the table out on
the porch.
If only they could talk --- the stories they would tell......
of picnics, and lunches taken out to the fields and
dinners with the family
Just some of my plate obsession, ---- I meant to say, collection
My grandmother collected a plate from every state she
ever visited -- I have added to the collection
by way of flea market and antique store finds --
That's TEXAS on top

I love dishes -- plates especially

New countertop arrangement

The soffit area above the kitchen cabinets.
I LOVE bowls too !

Above the sink
Collection of cookie cutters--
most of them old from my grandmothers

Fish Bait styrofoam cup -- one of my prized
I was so blessed to get to travel to Baton Rouge in the week
after Hurricane Katrina to
help feed people.
There was a huge stack of these bait containers
(used to hold worms and dirt)
that we used as coffee cups.

I just loved it so much --
I brought it home and
have kept in a prominent place
in my kitchen since.
It reminds me of the sweet people
I met there
AND the sweet people
I got to work with.

My kitchen blackboard
with a favorite verse --
After the crazy and challenging week we had
it just seemed appropriate.
Gwynie Pie

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  1. Yep, I am the international visitor on your live traffic feed. I saw your comment on the LPM blog. Rosser is my maiden name and there are so few of us it caught my attention. I live on Sumatra. I love your blog. I laughted out loud and I needed that today! Thanks. My husband and I are M folks here. But I grew up in AL. thanks for sharing.