Wednesday, July 1, 2009

Garage Sale Finds

I wanted to show you some of my recent garage sale finds.

Above, a sweet little silver jewelry box,

lined with red velvet, it is perfect for

holding my favorite earrings,

my wedding ring when not on my finger,

and my charm bracelet.

I have a three shelf jewelry case,

as you can see --

full of pretties....

and I still wear basically just one pair of earrings,

my wedding ring and

my charm bracelet.

I found the unused copy of My Utmost for His Highest Journal

by Oswald Chambers. It is a beautiful devotional.

Also found the never-been-used "Leather and Lace"

scented candle....smells great !

This is the skeleton of an old lamp shade.

I've been looking for just such a shade for a while now --

I have great plans.

You'll be seeing this again soon....

And this little two-tiered metal tray just had my name

on it, ya know?

I put it in the center of my dining table

with the saucers we use as coasters,

a few forks and spoons

and some long iced tea spoons

for easy table setting.

Under the tray is a piece of a very old

cotton seed sack.

It is so soft and worn, the printing is

off center and faded

and I love it !

I just love these recent garage sale finds.

They have all been incorporated into my home


look quite comfortable here,

like they've been here forever.

Soooo, nothing earth-shaking --

just wanted to show you my new finds.

Happy Day!

Gwynie Pie

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