Monday, July 6, 2009

The Weekend

This was the first year Dana, Blake and Lily Kate and Colin and Ronnie
joined us for the 4th of July celebrations
on the Concho River in downtown San Angelo.
Half of us staked out our spot for the evening
while the rest of us went by
Papa John's and picked up 6 pizzas.
Also on the menu - watermelon and cherrys,
Doritos and M&M's,
lots of cold water
THIS is how Lily Kate watched the fireworks. She did watch for a while,
but soon had the "when you've seen one fireworks, you've seen 'em all "
She was worn out and it was past her bedtime, so
she got comfy with Pops covering her ears and
she just took a little snooze.
The following night at Freedom Fest fireworks,
she brought her stethoscope
with her and it served as earplugs.
Then, she leaned back on her Daddy and took
a little nap.
Too cute !!!

The wait from 5:30 until fireworks begins is quite long, so we
brought along games and activities to occupy.
The girls played a little Fancy Nancy game
and then chased bubbles.
The group
Kidsitting a sweet baby goat named Winnie
for the weekend was really very fun.
Lily Kate loved !!!! the goat.
Feeding Winnie her morning bottle
THIS was too cute!! Lily Kate had already had her bath but
before we could get her into her pjs, she
decided that Baby Winnie, who was crying pitifully,
(all baby goats cry pitifully)
needed someone to sleep with.
Then she wouldn't cry and be sad.
So, Lily Kate gave her one of her own
stuffed bears so she would feel better.
Here she is -- comforting Winnie and telling her
"it be awwight."
We had a wonderful time with family this week.
We totally enjoyed every minute!!!
William and I are both moving much slower this morning,
wishing we could just sleep in a bit,
but...he's at work and I am too -- doing
laundry and dishes and floors.
Hope your 4th was blessed!
Gwynie Pie

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